OLD SAYBROOK — The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center (the Kate) will present The Magic of Lyn for two shows on Wednesday, July 31 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

No surprise that in a state founded in 1776 you’ll find living history wherever you look — no more so, perhaps, than in the buildings and structures that are as much of the landscape as the sandy beaches, sparkling waters, and well-manicured greens of our Connecticut towns. In addition to be…

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Toes in the sand, a book in your lap, and a cool drink in hand...these are the carefree days of summer. From pristine beaches on Long Island Sound to tranquil ponds and lakes, Connecticut invites you to get wet at one of many state parks this summer.

It’s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for — long weekends on the Cape, sightseeing through Europe, relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean — summer vacation! Vacation is meant to be a time to unwind and relax, but it’s hard to turn-off and completely take a break from your workout routi…

The Guilford Green once again will host a celebration of Jewish life, drawing from several sourthern Connecticut communities, when the 14th Shoreline Jewish Festival is held on Sunday afternoon, July 14. There’s a lot to peruse, listen to and eat, with crafts and activities for kids.

The “Summer in New England” art exhibit at Bird Nest Gallery in Guilford features shoreline artists Cindy Stevens and Lisa Rose Fatone.

“OMG, that must be exhausting,” the yoga instructor exclaimed when I told her I was helping my son and his wife with their 3-month-old for the next year as they both went back to work.

Do you suffer from chronic conditions like heart disease, depression, diabetes, allergies or arthritis? And have you been told there is no cure, but instead your symptoms have to be managed with medication for the rest of your life while your health slowly worsens?

ESSEX — Director and choreographer JR Bruno has brought new elements to “Mamma Mia,” now playing at the Ivoryton Playhouse through July 28. For the most part, this “not your mother’s ‘Mamma Mia’ (to quote Jacqui Hubbard, artistic director) is delightful, thanks to some standout supporting pe…

What could be more delightful than gliding down the Connecticut River on a sunny summer afternoon or evening? What if your trip included attentive staff, a delicious meal and the chance to prove yourself a budding Sherlock Holmes?

IVORYTON — The Ivoryton Playhouse will transform from an historic New England theatre to a Mediterranean island, filled with the music we have loved for over 40 years, on June 26.

Now that the weather is sunny, are you too busy to enjoy the outdoors? Is your day-planner or master to-do list so packed that you no longer even attempt to accomplish all the tasks at hand? Ever wish you had a few more hours in every day?

Terrence McNally is an acknowledged master whose home must house dozens of awards including several for a lifetime of achievement, four Tonys, an Emmy, and many more.

CLINTON — Kidz Konnection Shoreline Theater Academy’s Advanced Musical Theater troupe kicks off its summer production schedule June 7-9, performing Stephen Sondheim’s musical thriller, “Sweeney Todd” at the Harborside Marina, 131-a Grove St, Clinton, by the town docks and next to Shanks in Clinton.

GUILFORD — The Henry Whitfield State Museum invites the public to bring blankets and chairs to enjoy an evening of free outdoor music performances for Make Music Day — a free global celebration of music on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, 4-8 p.m., June 21.

When I see patients for the first time, there’s always a lot of questions as to what Naturopathic Medicine exactly is — many of the questions I’m frequently asked include “are you a doctor,” “did you go to medical school,” “can you prescribe medication” and “can you serve as a primary care p…

‘Ocean Blue’ exhibit features Connecticut seascape artists John R. Tubb and Laura Carroll- Koch. Both inspired by the movement of the sea, each with different backgrounds; these two fine artists complement one another just beautifully. The Bird Nest Gallery, 25 Water St. Guilford, invites th…

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Mexican fare. I used the word fare instead of food on purpose. It’s a complicated, regional cuisine that spans a huge geographic expanse — from the mountains to the coasts to the desert.

The other day, I was thinking, the gas grill needs to be brought out from winter’s hibernation and the propane tank filled so it is ready for dad’s arrival from Florida. For three months a year, he enjoys grilling, especially those juicy burgers he makes by hand.

ESSEX — Spectrum Art Gallery and Store of Centerbrook presents the Summer Arts Festival Gallery Show, a six-week exhibit (May 31-July 14) of select works by artists participating in the upcoming Summer Arts Festival on the Essex Connecticut Town Green.

Summer on the Connecticut shoreline is simple and relaxed, just ask anyone who spends time on the water. While maintaining a boat can be an expensive hobby, Carefree Boat Club in Clinton offers members all the joys of boating without the stress of ownership.

“Godspell” is returning to the Ivoryton Playhouse. Featuring hits such as “Day by Day,” the popular musical — first performed there in 1974 — opens Wednesday, May 22, and runs through Sunday, June 16.

By the time you get around to making this pie, local strawberries will be online. I had initially planned on making a strawberry/rhubarb pie, but since I bought the rhubarb 10 days ago, it melted in the crisper drawer. Five bucks for six stalks of something that grows by the side of the road…

Playwright Lucas Hnath, has served his apprenticeship in theater by having produced at some of New York’s most reputable off-Broadway venues and at many out of town spaces like the Humana Festival and South Coast Rep.

Besides helping you with organization, did you know that the simple act of writing in a journal relieves stress, increases focus and creativity and even helps you heal emotionally and physically? Maybe it’s time to dust off those little blank books in your home and see what they can do for you.

I’ve always loved donuts, my great grandmother used to make them a couple times a week. When we lived in Southern California, Churros were a big deal. Street vendors sell them day and night.


If you’re like many women, you really WANT to work out, but with so many other responsibilities, it can take a back-burner. I get it - life gets in the way - but the good news is that you can squeeze in easy exercises that target the most commonly complained about trouble zone — the core.

I remember my mother doing her outright best to get her kids to eat their vegetables, mostly frozen, sometimes canned. Considering that she drove us to school, worked all day, then came back home to five hungry kids and a husband who was watching baseball, she gets a pass.

Ladies, when was the last time you saw the bottom of your purse? It might be time to do some spring cleaning, right inside the bag you’re carrying.

ESSEX — Perhaps you are sincerely determined to see a certain pair of musical theater stars in the Broadway revival of “The Music Man.” Well, there’s no sin in sincere. However, if you are wondering whether the trip to New York, the crowds, and the ticket prices might be a bit much, I can de…

I saw the original Broadway production of this, Arthur Miller’s second Broadway outing, when I was 20 years old; and it struck me as a sober introduction to a playwright who clearly represented many an American who had spent a lifetime earning a living for his family in a small midwestern to…

Broadway powerhouses Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh are known as sticklers for quality and brand, of course. And they have to be for massive shows like “Phantom of the Opera,” which arrives in 20 trucks at Oakdale Theater in Wallingford for eight shows Wednesday through Sunday, M…

NEW HAVEN — Connecticut’s architecture is more than Colonial-style houses on small town greens, the first image that usually pops to mind. It’s 19th century rehabbed factories. It’s modernist behemoths in cities. It’s wooden farm houses and gleaming hospitals and old-time theaters.

There are 20 museums and a half-million works of art to see on the Connecticut Art Trail, and what started as an Art Pass for member properties has been expanded to a one-year Art Passport to see them (and get the Passport stamped at each).

MADISON — Madison Lyric Stage, an award-winning, professional theater company serving the Connecticut Shoreline, will present the Connecticut premier of the American musical drama, “Of Mice and Men,” May 31 – June 9 at the historic Deacon John Grave House and Farm in Madison. This will be an…