It’s tag sale season! The weather is beautiful, people are out and about, and it’s not too hot and humid yet.

Now is the perfect opportunity to trade in some of your old clutter for cash. Here some tips to help you along if you’d like to try organizing a profitable sale right in your front yard this year.

Plan for it now. Plan the date ASAP for online postings & ad listings in local papers. Check the long-range forecasts for rain. Tip: when placing ads, be sure to list types of items being sold such as kids toys, clothing, furniture, books or household tools.

Scour your home for anything and everything you no longer use, need or love. Corral your tag sale items together in one location, divided into labeled bins, boxes or shelving in your garage.

Give your neighbors a courtesy call before the sale day — they’ll appreciate the heads — up for extra traffic and may even want to contribute items to sell.

Post signs around your neighborhood five-six days in advance with arrows pointing toward your home.

Morning of tag sale: set up your inventory on banquet tables or card tables.

Have plenty of shopping bags on hand.

Set up a check-out table with a cash box, calculator, pad and pencil.

Offer to sell things for friends and family, on commission.

Set up a free coffee stand, or allow your kids to set up a cookie or lemonade stand for profit. Remember, you want people to linger longer.

Use masking tape or colored dots and a permanent marker to price everything

Set up a dollar table, where random items are just one dollar, or even a box of small items filled with things a quarter.

Provide a live extension cord so buyers can test electrical items.

Use your garage, if possible, or set up a pop-up party tent to provide shade or simply to store items in case of a mid-day shower.

Best to put the crowd pleasers (your best items) out front, visible from the street, so passersby will be enticed to stop and check out the sale.

Clothing items sell best when hung on a portable clothes rack, divided and clearly labeled by size.

Spread out a rug or blanket on the grass for items like kids toys, where kids will be drawn to play and bond over the items, which might encourage parents to buy them.

Make sure there is plenty of parking. Move your own cars, if needed.

Share any interesting background stories behind the merchandise because buyers love to purchase items with a “history.”

Enlist the help of friends and family to give you assistance during the day.

Throughout the day, stash large sums of money in the house and keep it locked up, during the sale.

Never accept personal checks.

After the sale, at a particular time, post a “FREE” sign for items not sold.

Consider donating anything leftover to a local shelter or charity. You don’t want the clutter making its way back into your home.

Connecticut Media Group