Best Homemade Donuts, Beach Donuts, Clinton

(Arnold Gold-New Haven Register) Jade Vergalitto holds a tray of donuts at Beach Donuts on the Rt. 1 in Westbrook on 10/10/2014.

Buy a dozen donuts at Beach Donuts in Clinton and try, just try, to get home with a full dozen. These donuts are made fresh, with no preservatives. They should be enjoyed immediately, even if that means arriving at your destination without a full box!

“They don’t last that long,” says owner Ted Powaleny. “If you bring them home you can get a day or two out of them, but it’s not like when you buy them that morning!”

Voted Best of Homemade Donuts in the Best Of reader’s poll, for yet another year, it’s no surprise that Beach Donuts can sell up to 500 dozen donuts on summer Saturdays and Sundays.

“Our donuts are made by hand, handcrafted, not machine made,” says Powaleny. “A lot of people just throw the mix in there and add water and that’s it, but we do a lot of scratch baking.”

He bought the shop, which was originally a seasonal operation near the beach in Clinton, in 1993 and moved to the current location at 344 East Main St. in 1996.

When is it time to make the donuts you might ask? Donut-making starts at 9 p.m. and the second overnight shift comes in at between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. When asked when his day off is, Powaleny answers, “Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and Thanksgiving those are my four days off.”

All this hard work is getting attention. A survey, published in February, by looking “for shops of all ages with street cred, spots that feel as immune to trends as doughnuts themselves,” listed Beach Donut as one of their picks.

While Powaleny says, “I wish the summertime volume was here all year long,” they do have their fall favorites, including pumpkin and cider donuts.

“It’s very time consuming and labor intensive,” says Powaleny. “But it’s worth it.

Beach Donuts, 344 E. Main St. Clinton, 860-664-5058;; Facebook Beach Donut Shop.