GUILFORD — Despite its destructive force, Debra Kay Levi found beauty in the post-Easter storm that whipped across the Shoreline last week.

Hearing that the Sound’s normally gentle waves were pounding onto the shore in the Sachem’s Head area of town, she headed down there from her home in Branford on Monday, April 13.

It was a welcome break from her shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Mother Nature put on quite a show.

“It was very unplanned,” the iPhoneographer said. “Lo and behold it was just amazing to watch.”

While the winds battered the Shoreline at up to 50 miles per hour, Levi captured it all on her iPhone 7.

“This wind would come up and take that water and you would hear the salt,” she recalled. “You could hear the sounds of the salt and it was so gorgeous.

“It was so pretty,” she added. “There was so much beauty in the storm, there really was.”

Levi explained that using her iPhone for her photography is a very special form of art.

“iPhoneography is the art of creating photos with an iPhone,” she said. “This is a style of mobile photography that differs from all other forms of digital photography in that images are both shot and processed on the iOS device.”

In addition to the shore break photos, Levi captured the Easter sunrise in Great Harbor.

“I got down on the beach,” she explained. “I laid on the beach, on my stomach and took that photo.”

Levi said this particular photo filled her soul.

“It was showing the beauty of God’s works,” she said. “When you see the ocean and the sand and the rocks and the sun come up, it’s an Easter blessing to get a photo like that.”

To see more of Levi’s work visit Facebook at “Connecticut Scenery” and “In a Place called Connecticut.”

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