BRANFORD— Stony Creek Brewery, a longtime friend and supporter of the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance (CTBTA), is showing its continued dedication to the cause by offering a special beer on tap called “Junebug” for all of September, a portion of the proceeds of which will benefit the CTBTA.

Stony Creek owner Edward Crowley, Jr. has long been a champion for the cause of brain tumor awareness and support, and the beer is named “Junebug” in memory of the life of his mother-in-law June Rice, who succumbed to brain cancer.

It also evokes the ladybug, which has been a symbol of hope and faith for CTBTA Executive Director Chris Cusano over the past 12 years since his own brain tumor diagnosis. The beer is available on tap at the Branford location and $1 for every beer sold will be donated to the CTBTA.

For every “Junebug” beer sold in September, $1 will be donated the CTBTA.

Cusano today expressed his gratitude to Stony Creek for its unbending support. The seventh annual “Playing for the Cure: Brainstormin’” event will be held at Stony Creek on Thursday, Sept. 10 (both virtually and in-person, although space is limited inside the brewery due to COVID-19 compliance), as it has since the event began in 2014. Mr. Cusano and his family started the fundraiser at that time, and it has since become a popular and important annual event to support the CTBTA.

"One of the blessings from my diagnosis has been the friendship formed with Ed Crowley and his wife Kim and her sister Melissa following their mother's courageous battle with glioblastoma,” Cusano said. “What began as a fundraiser at Stony Creek Brewery has transformed into a mutual desire to work together and honor June by celebrating the courage of brain tumor patients, but also to inspire hope for all who are fighting and to let them know they are not alone.

“This collaboration will, I hope, be enjoyed by the brain tumor community and aid us in our quest to advance brain tumor awareness and our quest to find the cure. I cannot truly express how grateful I am to Ed, his family and Stony Creek Brewery for their continued support of the CT Brain Tumor Alliance.”

—Press release

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