Editor’s note: The Chef Truck-Hungry Planet's "I Can't Believe It's the End of Summer" plant-based food event scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 30 has been postponed due to an unforseen scheduling conflict. Contact thecheftruck@gmail.com to be included in the announcement of the new date and time.

BRANFORD — Think “The Karate Kid,” only with knives and toques.

At the event, which will be rescheduled, a culinary master and his former student will collaborate to present a special “I Can’t Believe It’s the End of Summer” food event, featuring Hungry Planet’s plant-based proteins.

Starring in the role of Mr. Miyagi to The Chef Truck owner John Kronfeld’s Daniel is one of the country’s culinary giants, Certified Master Chef Ron DeSantis, who reconnected with his former Culinary Institute of America student.

DeSantis, who lives near The Friki Tiki bar on Linden Avenue, where the truck has been located since opening in February, happened to visit one day in the spring and struck up a conversation about, of course, food, with his former student, piquing Kronfeld’s interest with his new affiliation with Hungry Planet, and the possibility of featuring it in a dinner.

“Like a wine dinner, except you don’t have to listen to someone ramble on about the pH of Sauvignon Blanc as you sit with an empty glass,” said DeSantis.

Kronfeld’s yes was as quick as a karate chop.

To learn about the rescheduled event visit www.thecheftruck.com. Click on The Chef Truck & Hungry Planet.

To understand Kronfeld’s excitement, one only must look at DeSantis’s extensive resume, which started in the kitchen of the Marine Corps as a cadet. One of only 70 chefs in the country to pass the American Culinary Federation’s rigorous 10-day exam to become a Certified Master Chef, DeSantis graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and, after a stint in European restaurants, returned to CIA to teach for 25 years until 2011, when he became Director of Culinary Excellence and Quality for Yale (University) Dining. The award-winning chef has cooked for governors and the diplomatic corps at The White House and Camp David. He has been a consultant to major companies in the food industry.

His search to “never stop learning” and his excitement about the future of the plant-based food industry has led him his present role of Chief Culinary Officer for Hungry Planet.

“So, 23 years later the student with the four-star dreams is shoulder to shoulder with the Certified Master Chef doing four stars on four wheels with plant-based meat,” Kronfeld enthused on his website. “Seriously, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.”

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