Give your home a face-lift — don’t spend a dime

Lisa Lelas

Despite stores being closed because of state quarantines, many of us could probably spend full days shopping right in our own home.

Are you even aware of how much “inventory” your home possesses? All those items collecting dust on the shelves, the things stuffed into crowded drawers and closets, and the collectables crammed into boxes scattered throughout the attic and basement.

We really don’t need to come home with shopping bags filled with even more stuff, giving us the illusion that it will somehow make our lives easier or our homes that much more beautiful.

Our home is really a reflection of our self, but that may not be good if it’s rooms are looking more like an over-painted, thick and sloppy self-portrait. Let me explain my theory.

Think of yourself as a beautiful painting that was created to reflect your true and authentic self. As if we were all given this a portrait of our self when we are young and free from responsibility, negativity and stress. Throughout our lives, we begin tweaking the painting, we keep adding more paint to it, trying to adjust its beauty or its worth. Adding a little yellow to brighten, a dab of red, some blue, some green to tone down all the reds and so on. We add more and more “stuff” believing that these things will enhance the painting of our life.

But hopefully we eventually come to realize that we are not enhancing our life at all but rather burying our pure self in layers upon layers of “clutter” in a desperate attempt, ironically enough, to “find” ourselves.

So, just like uncovering the painting from too many layers of paint, we need to take off the masks and remove the stuff. We do not need to add more stuff to our lives for happiness.

As the old saying goes, “if a miserable and nasty man wins a million dollars, he’ll simply be a miserable and nasty millionaire.” Money does not, after all, truly buy our happiness. Let’s de-clutter and simplify to find our self again. Let’s remove the “make-up” to see the beautiful bone structure. And I’m not talking about our faces.

Look around your home. Does your home need a face-lift? Do the things in each of your rooms reflect the authentic person or family that lives there? Do you have things in your home right now that actually bring you sadness when you glance at them? Do you occasionally find files from a past job that bring on anxiety? Why are these items still in your home? Get rid of them. Negative things bring negative energy into a household.

Make the choice. Surround yourself with things that bring you comfort and joy. Keep things that make life simpler and easier or more relaxing for you. Pack up the rest.

Giving your home a face-lift is easier than you think. It doesn’t cost you a thing. No decorator is needed. All that is needed is a little bit of time each day or each week in your home to assess the inventory. Determine what should stay and what items can be packed up for storage or given away and make it happen. It’s the most basic form of space clearing. Keeping and re-arranging only those items that genuinely lift your spirits, the things you need, you use and you love.

The result? Your home will be de-cluttered, probably more organized as a result of less stuff, and you will find yourself happier within your home again. Your happier self in a positive atmosphere!

Connecticut Media Group