Does it seem like the only place you have room to place the daily mail is on top of yesterday’s mail still on the counter? Have you ever tried to set your coffee mug down on the coffee table but couldn’t find the room?

Horizontal counter and tabletop areas are quickest to fill up with household items. Here are some simple solutions for creating extra household space in just moments of your time!

Contain the electronic remotes. Many family rooms have multiple remote controls scattered on their tabletops, along with eyeglasses, magazines and more. Best way to clean up these tables in a jiffy is to store them vertically in a remote control caddy or short upright basket.

Corral the daily newspaper. If your newspaper seems to take over the top of the coffee table or kitchen counter, create a specific “home” for the paper by clearing out that old magazine rack in the family room or setting up a pretty upright magazine bin near your recipe books on a kitchen shelf. Everyone in your household will know where to find the paper, and should be instructed to drop it back into its container when they’re done reading it. And don’t forget to move it into the recycle bin once the next morning’s newspaper comes into your home.

Mount a wall shelf. If you’ve got cluttered work space, such an office desk or craft table, consider adding a wall shelf or two to accommodate craft supplies, office gadgets, books and more.

Hide the toys underneath. If your kid’s have little collectable toys and they seem to taking over the available dresser top or shelf space in their rooms, store the toys in under-bed canvas storage containers.

Add wall hooks. Kid’s backpacks and other items, such as jackets and hats can be easily stored, out of the way, by simply adding a few large wall hooks to the inside of an entryway closet or even on a wall in the garage.

Store folded clothes vertically. If your T-shirts and jeans are taking over much of your closet shelf space, add a drop down vertical canvas shelves that attach to the clothes rod in your closet.

Use a pretty basket. If your bathroom vanity counter is overflowing with family toiletries, hairbrushes and make-up, place a little basket or two on the counter to corral and contain all your daily make-up and other assorted items to help keep the counter clear.

Display a tabletop centerpiece. Simply adding a vase of flowers or a piece of sculpted art work directly in the center of a common ‘clutter-drop’ table will help deter family members from throwing mail and other paperwork onto the table.

Dump the clutter. Keep in mind the most efficient way to gain extra household space is to get rid of household clutter. If an item is no longer used, necessary or loved, it’s time to toss it.

Connecticut Media Group