You don’t have to spend a lot to keep many daily household items in order. Consider an over-the-door style shoe organizer with clear or canvas pockets available at all discount department stores. You may already have one hanging on your closet door. Well, these simple organizers are not just for holding shoes anymore.

SOCKS: Don’t just use shoe organizers for shoes. These make great pockets for storing kid’s socks. Easy to see and easy to grab. Great for pantyhose, tights and leggings too.

BATHROOM TOILETRIES: Not enough room in your bathroom for all your stuff? Use shoe organizer pockets for shampoos, soaps, lotions, often used medications, Band-Aids, tissues, bath toys and wash cloths.

TEEN BATHROOMS: Especially for the girls in your family, consider hanging a shoe pocket organizer in their bathroom to contain hair bows, ribbons, barrettes, scrunchies, blow dryer, hair gels, sparkly stuff, make-up, hair brushes, and more.

LAUNDRY ROOM: The stuff that always falls off the shelf fits great in pockets. Also great for things you find in the laundry like coins and buttons. Put in your stain sticks, dryer sheets, scrapers, and any other utility room items such as rubber gloves, scrubbers, scissors, etc.

CRAFT ROOM/CLOSET: If you don’t have too much craft stuff, this will work fine for you. Use it for glue sticks and crafty items such as pom-poms, beads, feathers, etc. Also a place to store the staple gun, paint brushes, fabric paints, hot glue gun, crayons, markers, and more.

ENTRYWAY: In the hall closet, this makes a great place for storing hats, gloves and scarves. Even mini-tissue packets, lip balms and other items you sometimes grab to go.

ELECTRONIC GADGETS: Keep track of CD players, MP3Players, digital camera, binoculars, iPods, cell phones, cords and chargers in clear pockets of shoe-organizers. Each family member gets his own pocket so items won’t get tangled up the others.

PANTRY: Hang a shoe organizer on the inside door for extra packets of dressings and food items. Also works great for storing spices and mini kitchen gadgets, such as stick-blenders, measuring spoons, pizza cutter, etc. If you don’t have a full length door, cut the shoe organizer in half and place both halves on the inside of two cabinet doors.

TOYS: A pocket shoe organizer is great to keep in a playroom or on the inside of every child’s closet door, to hold match-box cars, mini stuffed animals, Barbies and doll clothes, fast food toys and even trading cards.

JUNK DRAWER: If you don’t have an extra drawer for the items you need in and around the kitchen, try using a clear pocket shoe organizer hanging somewhere close by. Designate pockets for batteries, stamps, rubber bands, tools, tape, pens/pencils, note pads, coins, paperclips, and more.

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