Besides helping you with organization, did you know that the simple act of writing in a journal relieves stress, increases focus and creativity and even helps you heal emotionally and physically? Maybe it’s time to dust off those little blank books in your home and see what they can do for you.

What is journaling? Journaling is the practice of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of one’s life and/or keeping lists about the day or event. Journaling is now considered a valid stress management and self-exploration tool, and of course, a great way to keep you organized. Find a journal or two that would enhance your life. There are many types of journals to choose from.

Gratitude journal: Keep a blank journal on your nightstand and write three things you are grateful for that day. Do this every night. Within two months time, you’ll find that you have already become a more positive, appreciative and compassionate person.

To-Do List journal: A vital tool to help you stay focused in accomplishing those daily tasks that need to get done. An electronic app can suffice however there is now sufficient evidence backing the pen to paper method as a more in-depth cognitive/muscle memory experience. Even a small spiral bound notebook will work.

Blank journals: These beautiful books make special gifts throughout the year, for birthdays, anniversary’s, graduations and so on.

Goal planning journal: This is a great book to keep you accountable on your New Years goals progress. It’s been proven that people who keep focused on their goals attain them quicker.

Dream journal: Keeping track of your nighttime dreams will help you remember them more vividly. Dreams have insight and symbols that can help you with your everyday life. It may take time before they become clear as to what their meanings hold for you.

Creativity journal: For the true art of journaling. From sketching ideas to writing poems, capturing favorite quotes or even just for venting. I recommend everyone keeping a creativity journal always within reach. This induces creativity, reduces stress and clarifies your thoughts and feelings to become more aware of who you are. There is much evidence now linking mental health to physical well being. Writing about stressful life events, for example, has even been shown to reduce many health ailments, such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Ventilation of negative emotions seems to put distress into perspective and strengthens the immune system. Also, journaling about a problem can help people sleep, who might otherwise suffer from anxiety.

Daily Life journal: Similar to blogging online, or keeping a diary, many people like to write about their daily life. This can help you see patterns in your life and help you make important decisions about your life. This can also help relieve stress.

Health journal: Putting pen to paper about any health condition can help improve symptoms by putting it into clear perspective. Notating doctor visits and lab reports can be vital for anyone on a wellness journey. This is also helpful for keeping track of daily meds and how much water you consume.

Diet journal: Did you know that simply logging in everything you eat each day helps you lose weight? It’s true.

Exercise journal: Great for logging your progress for getting in shape.

Travel journal: This is a fun journal to keep. Record your impressions of your vacation or trip, highlighting restaurants, museums and other places of interest so you can refer to it, if ever traveling there again in the future. Keep this one right inside your carry-on luggage!

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