Ladies, when was the last time you saw the bottom of your purse? It might be time to do some spring cleaning, right inside the bag you’re carrying.

Women usually carry way too much stuff in their purses. Pare down to the essentials. Do you really need to carry five different shades of lipstick, stale candy and the 72 pennies accumulated at the bottom of your purse? Purge your purse and wallet weekly to keep them functioning at their best. If you consistently tend to fill whatever space you have then opt for a smaller purse to keep you more streamlined. The American Chiropractic Association recommends your bag should weigh LESS than 3 pounds and should be alternated from arm to arm so you can avoid unnecessary back stress.

Here are a few more tips to keep your purse/tote bag organized:

Assess the type of purse you use. Find a purse that feels comfortable to you. Whether fabric or leather, shoulder straps or clutch bags, there are fashionable choices for every lifestyle.

Buy a bag with a light colored lining to make it much easier to see the contents. Use bright colored make-up bags, change pouches and so on for finding things quickly.

To give your purse an immediate make-over, dump the contents, mend any lining rips and give each item a place to go, whether in a side pocket, wallet or into another organizer.

Financial advisor, Suze Ormond says she can tell who is wealthy or will achieve wealth simply by the condition of their wallet & purse.

Do you have an overstuffed, disorderly wallet or crumbled dollar bills and loose change jingling on the bottom of your purse? Ormand believes that only when you respect money will money come to you. So, respect your money! Keep your bills in order by denominations, the ones, fives, 10s, followed by 20s, and so on. And, keep your checkbook balanced, within a checkbook or electronically.

Limit your items. Try carrying 10 things only, such as a wallet, coin purse, credit cards, checkbook, keys, cell phone, make-up, eye-glasses, pens and receipts.

Carry a wide mouth change purse for loose change.

If possible, just keep one main credit/debit card and gas card in your wallet for regular use. Store cards, membership cards and lesser-used charge cards in a separate cardholder or at home (taken out only when planning to shop).

Photocopy all your credit cards and keep the copies in a safe location for quick retrieval in case your purse or wallet is ever lost or stolen.

Make the most out of zippered pockets and open slots by assigning a specific item to each location. One pocket for your car keys, one for your cell phone or sunglasses, and so on. Or add a couple small zippered cosmetic bags to hold your make-up, pens, small pads or whatever you need to carry.

Keep a receipt-holder, even a small blank envelope will work, just for holding receipts. Label it with the current month and change the envelope at the start of each month.

Keep a small zip lock bag in your purse or tote for small trash items such as gum wrappers, receipts you don’t need to save, etc.

Make it a habit to empty any loose change into a bank or a wish jar at home. It’s amazing to see how much money can accumulate from loose change every day.

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