Let’s face it, gift shopping is stressful enough — gift wrapping shouldn’t have to be.

With a few tips and products to suit your needs, you’ll be all “wrapped up” for Christmas in no time!

Keep supplies together. Create a separate portable gift-wrapping supply center that you can easily take out when you’re ready to wrap gifts and then simply store it away with your decorations after the season. Keeping extra scissors, tape, bows and gift tags with your holiday paper and gift bags simplifies the process and avoids frustration of having to search for items needed.

There are many portable gift-wrap bins available. There are handled bins with built in drawers for gift wrap supplies and canvas gift wrap organizers that hang from a hook or closet rod. A flat, low-sided horizontal bin can even slide right under your bed. If you don’t have a need for lots of holiday wrap, a simple canvas zippered bag or plastic bin can do the trick.

Create the time. While some people enjoy taking a day or evening for gift-wrapping all their gifts at once, that might prove to be stressful or overwhelming for some. Consider having an impromptu gift-wrapping party or even a babysitting exchange with a neighbor so that while one is babysitting, the other can tackle their gift-wrapping without the kids around.

Wrap as you go. Gift-wrapping can also be fun when you wrap the gifts as you purchase them. When you wrap as gifts are purchased it allows you more time to be creative with bows and ribbons or even making personalized gift tags. Just remember to keep a list of gifts that are wrapped so you don’t forget what’s inside the pretty boxes!

Start a gift journal. Keeping a gift list journal allows you to maintain records of all gifts purchased year after year. I highlight them in yellow as I wrap them so I can clearly see if a mail order item hasn’t come yet.

Recycled gift tags. For those of you that save your holiday cards from previous years and don’t know what to do with them, cut them up and ‘recycle’ them as gift tags for your packages.

Matching color schemes for designer display. Consider wrapping your gifts in colors/patterns that coordinate well for a more unified and festive look under the tree.

Presentation is everything. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A small red paper covered candy box for homemade cookies looks better than cookies simply thrown into a plastic baggie. Use your imagination by using containers you may already have at home. Recycle terra cotta planters or any old baskets stored around the house and place inside them small homemade gifts in a pretty dishtowel or scarf to cover and contain them. Or try using plain brown crafting paper and let a beautiful bow have the limelight.

Use creative ways for non-wrapping. Don’t have time or the desire to wrap? A simple red bow or a ribbon tied around a plain white box works fine. Top the box with a candy cane to make it look even more festive. Don’t forget about gift bags with tissue paper, the absolute simplest way to go.

Coordinate the gift-wrap. For immediate family members, assign a particular wrap color or design per person to eliminate the need for gift tags all together, such as your spouse’s gifts wrapped in gold or silver paper, your son’s gifts in blue snowmen paper and your daughter’s wrapped in pink and white snowflake paper. Also, try using different gift-wrap paper per family or group that you are giving to, making it more convenient when grabbing gifts to bring to a particular place. For instance, your immediate family has the red poinsettia paper and extended family members or your office co-workers the candy cane paper, etc.

Stock up with after sales. Be sure to stock up on holiday gift wrap the days right after Christmas when you can get them on sale for as much as 80-90 percent off retail price. Load up your holiday gift-wrap bin and then tuck it away in the attic until next December!

Lisa Lelas is a lifestyle productivity coach, bestselling author and book-writing coach. You are invited to Lisa’s 14th annual New Year’s Vision-Board workshop on Saturday, Jan. 25 at The Mercy Center in Madison. More info: LisaLelas.com/Events

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