ROB RABINE: Classic Bouillabaisse great for entertaining

Classic Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is actually harder to spell than it is to make. There are many variations, but here is an authentic recipe from Marseilles.

Some cooks use seafood stock and some use water. I think seafood or fish stock adds an extra depth of flavor. It’s up to you.

It’s the perfect restaurant dish because most of the work is front-loaded which works out great at home if you are entertaining guests. There is a little extra prep work to making a fish stew, but little actual cooking time, so you can party it up once your prep work is done. Oh, and don’t skip the red pepper rouille (garlicky sauce), it totally makes the dish. You’ll need some toasted baguette slices as well. Follow my new endeavor on Instagram @Carlsons_landing_2019

Add the red pepper, garlic, saffron, salt and bread to the bowl of your food processor and process until completely incorporated (splash in a couple tablespoons of water to loosen the mixture if needed). Add the egg yolks and process. With the motor running, add the olive oil in a thin stream until it is incorporated. Set the rouille aside and make the bouillabaisse.

Heat the oil in a large, heavy Dutch oven. Add the onions, leeks, tomatoes, garlic and fennel to the pot and sauté the vegetables on low for a few minutes until they are soft, stirring to prevent browning. Throw in the bay leaf, thyme, salt and pepper, saffron and the orange peel, stir. Add the hot stock, clams and mussels. Turn up the heat and boil this hard for 3-4 minutes to incorporate the olive oil.

Turn the heat back down and add the fish, crab and lobster pieces. As the fish starts to cook, add the shrimp and scallops last.

When everything is cooked, remove the bay leaf and serve immediately topped with a toasted baguette slice loaded with rouille to mix into the broth. Serves 6-8.

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