In a small town like Serenity, everyone knows everybody else’s business and everyone has known each other since they were in diapers. Three best friends take life’s punches with a smile and a large pitcher of margaritas in Netflix’s new series “Sweet Magnolias.”

Maddie’s life is the focus of the local town gossip given that her husband, the town’s doctor, left her for one of his nurses after she got pregnant during their affair. Now Maddie is dealing with her divorce, raising her three kids, trying to find a job and trying to hold her head up while the town waits for her to clock her ex’s mistress in the church parking lot.

Dana Sue, meanwhile, is a high-strung single mom who finds herself dealing with a sticky staffing issue at the restaurant she runs in town, while Helen is the town’s local lawyer who gets herself involved in just about everything around town to distract herself from her own lack of children.

The three pals get together every Monday night for margarita night to discuss the latest drama in their lives.

Dana Sue and Helen push Maddie to join them in a new business venture, a women’s spa and gym in a historic building smack in the middle of Serenity. While the ladies prepare to open their new business, Maddie finds herself a new flame, Helen reconnects with an old beau and Dana Sue struggles to connect with her teenage daughter.

The series, which is based on Sheryl Woods’ “Sweet Magnolia” book series, highlights the ongoings of a tiny South Carolina town including the community’s devotion to church and baseball.

The series itself is light and predominantly fluffy as the actresses drawl about their problems that are more or less solved by the end of each episode. Viewers looking for an easy watch they don’t have to spend too much mental space investing in might enjoy this sweet-tea series with its Hallmark-like charm.

“Sweet Magnolias” has one season on Netflix and is rated TV-14.

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