‘Tanglewood’ at North Guilford’s Dudley Farm Sunday, Aug. 11

Internationally renowned violist Molly Carr, founding director of Project: Music Heals Us, among the musicians performing at an evening concert at the Dudley Farm’s Munger Barn on Sunday, Aug. 11.

GUILFORD — It was an idea that struck internationally acclaimed violist Molly Carr as she was walking down the aisle during her September 2018 wedding at Dudley Farm’s Munger Barn in North Guilford.

A chamber music concert with Juilliard-trained musicians amid the rustic charm of one of New England’s most beloved farms after picnicking and games on the pastoral grounds.

The evening of Sunday, Aug. 11 marks the realization of that idea, with catering by Frank Andrews Mobile Kitchen pizza truck and award-winning Melvin Brewing, as well as lawn games preceding the concert.

The event will be hosted by Project: Music Heals Us, of which Carr is founding director, and the Dudley Farm Museum, the late 19th-century agricultural museum located on the northeast corner of Routes 77 and 80.

It’s a preview of June 2020 Shoreline Chamberfest, a three-day festival of music and food that will feature the world’s finest in chamber, jazz, and folk music.

The preview concert will benefit PMHU, a non-profit organization whose mission is to present interactive classical music performances to diverse audiences by artists of the highest caliber in order to provide encouragement, education, and healing, with a focus on elderly, disabled, rehabilitating, incarcerated, and homeless populations.

Proceeds will directly subsidize PMHU’s regular programming in local nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, homeless shelters, and prisons, according to Carr.

The concert venue, the Munger Barn, was built as a cow barn in 1890 in Madison. It was dismantled and relocated to the Dudley Farm Museum in the mid 1990s. An old-fashioned barn raising in 2002 resurrected it as the center for social gatherings, programs, and workshops at the farm.

“The barn is a non-traditional venue but it’s also beautifully situated for classical music,” said Carr, whose father and grandparents hail from Guilford. “That’s what came to me at my wedding, that it’s a way for people to enjoy classical music in a unique setting.”

The preview concert will include Carr, as well as PMHU co-director Andrew Janss, a world-renowned cellist, along with a roster of musicians from the Juilliard School, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall, performing Antonin’s Dvorak’s rousing “American Quintet.”

“Unless folks are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding, there are not many opportunities to enjoy an evening social event at the farm,” said Janet Dudley, vice president of the Dudley Foundation and Munger Barn Rental Manager.

“We are so excited to be collaborating with Molly and PMHU to offer the public a chance to enjoy a picnic and some wonderful music at the farm, and for such an important cause.”

Pizza Soiree at Dudley Farm, 2351 Durham Rd. Guilford, is on Aug. 11, from 6– 8 p.m. Food and lawn games: 6 – 7 p.m. will precede concert.

For tickets $35, visit http://www.projectmusichealsus.com/pizza-soire.

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