At a recent book event at the Guilford Free Library, author Leo Marino, a Branford resident, delighted a full house of Wooster Square denizens and descendants with a discussion of his book “The House on Green Street: Life and Times of a First Generation Italian American,” the colorful story of the path he followed from “the brick building turned black from the foul smokestacks that ringed the backyard” to the American dream.

During the book signing, Branford’s Jim Maresca shared with Marino the many parallels between the experience of his father with that of the author’s. Not least was a wedding portrait of his parents, evidently shot in the same Wooster Square studio, that bore an uncanny resemblance to one included in Marino’s book.

“Since my book came out last year, this happens all the time in some way, shape, or form,” said Marino. “And it never gets old.”

“The House on Greene Street” is available at and at P.S. Fine Stationers, 1028 Main St. in Branford.

— Lisa Reisman

Connecticut Media Group