Best Artisans Jewelry Store: The Shop at the Guilford Art Center

Guilford Art Center, Best Of 2017.

Jewelry pieces made from enamel, ceramic, semi-precious metals and stones, glass and silver sparkle in the lighted cases and shelves of The Shop at the Guilford Art Center.

Everything from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, The Shop has it all.

“We have a very broad range of different types of jewelry,” says Manager Elena Albergo.

“It’s all made by American artisans,” she adds. “It’s wonderful.”

Albergo adds that their merchandise comes in from artists scattered across the United States. “We cover the whole country,” she says.

This wide array of jewelry, on display at The Shop at the Guilford Art Center, has caught the attention of ShoreLine Times readers who voted it Best Artisans Jewelry store.

More than a third of the merchandise in The Shop, which also includes housewares, ceramics, glass pieces, metal work, fiber, wood, scarves, clothing, accessories and leather goods, is jewelry.

“People who only go for traditional jewelry will certainly find options in The Shop for that, other people who are maybe a little more fashion forward or a little more trendy, there’s options for them,” says Guilford Art Center Executive Director Maureen Belden.

In addition, says Albergo, there is a price point for everyone’s budget.

“We have huge selection and at really good price points,” she adds. “There’s something here for everyone.”

The Guilford Art Center campus includes The Guilford Art Center School, The Shop at The Guilford Art Center and The Mill Gallery, which enjoys the largest gallery space between Branford and Old Lyme.

“The Shop always existed as both a support to the programming we do here, as well as a standalone part of our mission, which is to support artists selling their work and, also, to serve as an inspiration for students who study here,” Belden says.

Working with all the different artists and seeing a constantly changing inventory is a lot of fun, says Albergo.

“The nice thing is that we’re always looking for new artists,” she says. “When we have been able to get some new artists it’s nice to see what their jewelry looks like and how different it is from other things that we currently have in The Shop.”

— S.P. Kyrcz