GUILFORD — Firefighters rescued a man who fell through the floor of his new home Sunday evening, getting stuck in a well underneath the building, according to Assistant Fire Chief Michael Shove.

Teams arrived at 925 Little Meadow Road to find the victim treading water in the well, which was about five feet in diameter and 20 feet deep, Shove said.

The man was a new tenant who had been moving into the home when the incident occurred, according to a release posted to the Guilford Police Department’s Facebook page.

Responders immediately put a line down to the man so that he could have something to hold onto, Shove said. They then attached rigging gear to the roof rafters and a nearby oak tree so that they could lower a team member into the well to rescue the man, Shove said.

“Everything went flawlessly. The guys did a great job,” Shove said. “We do a ton of technical rescue training.”

Responders took the man to the hospital for evaluation, Shove said. He was reportedly being discharged Monday morning, according to Shove.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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