MADISON — The members of the First Congregational Church in Madison, the Church on the Green at 26 Meeting House Lane, invites everyone to join them for Rally Sunday, the opening worship of the fall, on Sunday, Sept. 8, at 10 a.m.

There will also be a picnic on the lawn following the service to celebrate fellowship and reconnect with friends old and new.

Keeping with FCC’s Rally Sunday tradition, the service will feature the legendary Galvanized Jazz Band, a Dixieland-style ensemble, that plays hot Dixieland, New Orleans jazz, blues, rags, stomps, struts, spirituals, swing, and classic popular songs from the past century.

“It’s happy music – we love seeing the happy faces when we play,” said band leader Fred Vigorito. “It is America's only original art form, and Americans have a personal connection to it.”

“Rally Sunday is traditionally the day when we welcome people back from their summer travels and begin the church's program year, and begin to think together about where God might be leading us in the coming year,” said FCC Senior Minister Rev. Todd C. Vetter. “The Galvanized Jazz Band and their style of music punctuates the larger celebration of being back together in worship and fellowship.”

The Rally Sunday service will also include blessing children’s backpacks as they prepare for the start of the new school year.

“For us, blessing the backpacks is a way of bringing our children and their lives into the center of our worship life, to demonstrate that we care deeply for them,” Rev. Vetter said. “The deeper message is that we are delighted to have them as a part of our church and hopefully that they feel that we are blessing their whole lives. We take very seriously the children in our congregation and think deeply about how we teach and welcome them, but also how we encourage them to speak to us as well.”

FCC undertakes numerous environmental and social-minded projects throughout the year, such as by hosting forums on Plastics and the Environment and Racial Justice. FCC members are also working on projects to help Refugees and conduct Beach Clean-ups. FCC recently celebrated the 18th anniversary of becoming an Open & Affirming community.

“We seek to serve God by serving others, by being generous with our time and resources and creative in how we serve,” Rev. Vetter said.

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