GUILFORD — The Guilford Police Department is throwing a party and the whole town is invited.

National Night Out 2019, Tuesday, Aug. 13, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. on the Guilford Green, will include dancing, kids’ games, inflatables and Touch-a-Truck, plus food provided by the Naples Food Truck. The event is free to public.

This year is the first year the Guilford Police Department has participated in the nationwide event. They join police departments across the country who have sponsored National Night Out, since 1984, as a way to foster positive relationships between police departments and their community.

Joining in the festivities will be the Parks and Recreation Department and the local fire departments.

“It’s really for all ages. It’s a community event,” said Coordinator Officer Scott Gingras. “The whole reason that I like doing things like this is because a lot of times, unfortunately, we have to deal with people when something bad is happening – we’re pulling them over or they’re a victim of a crime or even worse, they’re a suspect in a crime.

“This is just a really fun event where we can interact with people in a positive way,” he added. “I think it’s going to be fun.”

Gingras, along with Sgt. Matina Jakober, is in charge of planning of the event.

First Selectman Matt Hoey sees this as a very positive way for the police department to interact with residents. He compared it to last years lip sync challenge, where the community and the department worked together to produce a video.

“It’s just another way of them building trust within the community,” said Hoey. “They’re part of the community, they’re not outsiders, and they want to build and develop relationships and trust with the community.”

This is exactly what the department is hoping for as the community and the department come together for the National Night Out 2019, said Deputy Chief Butch Hyatt.

“It’s an opportunity to develop a positive relationship with the community and the police department,” said Hyatt. “It’s a chance for the community to get to know the police department and some of the other governmental departments in a positive, constructive way, in a situation where we’re having some fun.”

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