After a long drawn-out winter, I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally here. It’s time for us to open windows, clear out the clutter and deep clean our homes so they sparkle and shine.

Did you know that the condition of our home environment has a direct impact on our attitude, our productivity, energy and even overall health?

I like to think that spring-cleaning actually cleanses our mind and spirit with a fresh start. But who has time for traditional spring-cleaning these days, especially during sunny days when there are gardens to till and bikes to ride?

The good news is you really can get your home spring freshened in just minutes a day so you can get outside to enjoy the season.

Make a list. Take a few minutes and jot down those cleaning and organizing tasks you’d like to accomplish this season. Then divide them into days or weeks, allowing you to focus on just one project to tackle per time allotted.

Lighten the load. Since we’ve been hibernating indoors for so many months, it’s liberating to simply get rid of much of the stuff we’ve been accumulating. The magazine piles that have been building, the clothes we are no longer wearing, and so on. Take five to 10 minutes every morning to throw out things that no longer serve your needs. If you don’t use it, need it, or love it, toss it.

Clean with a mental GPS. When cleaning, always work left to right in a room, so if you get distracted or interrupted you can better continue where you left off, and clean top to bottom, so as dust falls from ceiling fans and tops of book shelves, it will be vacuumed up when you get to the floors.

Keep your eye on the entryway. Don’t forget that the main entry to your home sets the bar to what visitors can expect. Take a little time to remove any cobwebs from your front door, replace light bulbs in the outdoor lighting fixtures, sweep the front porch and power wash the walkway.

Replace old doormats. If you haven’t done this is in a while, the mats are no longer doing what they are supposed to be doing. Eighty percent of dirt tracked into your home can be blocked by new doormats.

Deodorize your home. Sprinkle baking soda onto carpets before you go to bed and vacuum in the morning to absorb odors and leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

Let the sun shine in. Washing windows is a great task to put on your list this year. Try this great window wash recipe: 1 gallon warm water, 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup ammonia and tablespoon corn starch. Wash windows using a cheap roll of paper towels (bargain brands have less lint).

Color-code your sponges. If your blue sponges are always for floors, yellow for counters and pink for dishes, you will be less likely to cross contaminate with dirt and germs. Don’t forget to wash your sponges by simply throwing them into your dishwasher regularly.

Freshen up with scented dryer sheets. Tuck them into drawers, bins, suitcases and winter boots in storage to keep musty odors and moths away.

Make the time. Create a specific pocket of time each day or each week in which you will accomplish the bulk of your spring-cleaning to keep you on track.

So, get busy, gain energy and feel great. Remember, when you spring clean your home you are also cleansing your life.