As 266 Daniel Hand High School graduates gathered on the First Congregational Church lawn, Friday, June 14, Principal Anthony Salutari stressed, “I am confident that you are well-prepared for the many exciting opportunities the future will offer.”

Salutari joined many other speakers in crediting DHHS for the graduates’ future successes.

“Over the past four years, you have excelled in the classroom, amazed the school and the community with your artistic and musical creations and performances, competed and experienced incredible success in the athletic arena, and participated in numerous clubs and activities based on your goals and interests,” he said.

Class Essayist Callahan Henry echoed this sentiment.

“High school has given us this opportunity to test the waters in all subjects and fields, before we decide to commit to one in college and later on in our careers,” Henry said. “Although many of us remain undecided in our majors or career paths, we will take our knowledge from the trial and errors to steer ourselves in the correct direction.”

Whatever that direction, Class of 2019 Valedictorian Chloe Veth said this is “an awesome responsibility.”

“We will not be perfect young adults,” Veth said. “We will make mistakes. Just remember Winston Churchill’s words, ‘Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.’

“We live in a great town which is part of a great nation. A nation that has resources but more importantly has amazing people. People with creativity and stamina. And today we take a big step to joining other Americans in their responsibility to lead the world in discovery, industry, and compassion.”

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