MADISON — It’s not often you get a day named after you, but in this couple’s case it seemed destined.

Recognizing their many years of contributions and commitment to the town, the Board of Selectman proclaimed Sunday, Feb. 21 as Tom & Eileen Banisch Day in Madison at their meeting last week (Feb. 9).

Once called Madison’s “power couple,” Tom Banisch, a former first selectman, and his wife, Eileen Banisch, Madison Chamber of Commerce executive director, are packing up and moving south.

A celebration of the departing couple’s commitment to Madison includes a townwide parade at 11:30 a.m. Feb. 21 at the Surf Club.

“I think for me it was, and I think the rest of the board felt this way, the breadth and duration and just their utter commitment to the community is really quite staggering,” said Selectman Bruce Wilson.

“If you look back on it and combined — each of them have been dedicating their lives for 30 years — so there’s 60 plus years of dedication to community service,” continued Wilson.

“It spans their church groups, multiple civic groups, in the case of Eileen there is recognition from Vista,” he added.

“Outside of Tom’s political ambitions is just this almost relentless commitment to the community and the betterment of the community and imbuing in others a commitment to the community,” he said.

In the minutes of the meeting, First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons thanked the couple for their support of the town and their service to the public.

In addition, Selectwoman Erin Duques thanked them and recalled that when she moved into town 20 years ago, the couple welcomed her family. She said they have set a great example of what it means to give back to the community.

“A lot of it is quiet,” said Wilson. “The wild part is that we think of them as a very front and center, but much of what they’ve done is very quiet.”

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