No new eatery for Wall Street; office space planned for new building

New office space at 82 Wall St., Madison is still under construction.

MADISON — Plans have been scrapped to open a long-awaited restaurant at 82 Wall St., next door to Clarity Commons.

At the Jan. 27 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, MAS Property Holdings, LLC submitted plans for a “change in use of the first floor from a restaurant to office use.”

“The entire building is going to be office space,” said Town Planner David Anderson. “They dropped the apartments awhile back.”

MAS Property Holdings, LLC and S&R Holding own the property on Wall Street, called Clarity Commons, which is managed by Sean Rotermund.

Rotermund did not respond to requests for comment. In response to a written question about the change of use for the new structure, architect Duo Dickinson wrote: “It did not work out and Clarity has a great need for space.”

In March 2017, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved construction of a 2-1/2 story, 6,000-square-foot restaurant/apartment building. The approved building, which resembles Clarity Commons, was to house a 3,000-square-foot restaurant/bar on the first floor and two 1,500-square-foot apartments on the upper floors.

At the time, Rotermund said he has had discussions with a restaurateur ready to move in, but would not release any specific details.

“It will be very unique and it’ll be a really nice addition to the town, that’s for sure” he said at the meeting nearly two years ago.

That P&Z meeting was contentious at times, with immediate neighbors, along Wall Street, Railroad Avenue and Arbor Lane, voicing their concerns about noise, parking issues, refuse pickup and light pollution and street congestion.

Despite the protests from neighbors regarding the size and usage of the building, the commission unanimously voted in favor of the construction.

Asked about the latest development, Arbor Lane resident Katherine DeBurra said she is pleased with the change in usage.

“I’m really happy that it’s just going to be office building, being so close to a residential area,” she said.

Anderson said this is a win-win for the town.

“Although we were excited to get a new restaurant on Wall Street, from an economic development standpoint we also benefit from Clarity expanding in town,” he said.

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