65 Dominican Rd: FNMA to Ariel G. Melendez, $224,900

156 Jefferson Woods Rd Unit 156: Dexue Sun and Linyan He to Sean and Megan Shanahan, $140,000

130 Alps Rd: Edward J. Zack to Sarah E. Riley and Michael J. Jarosz, $300,000

257 Shore Dr: Bremen Leak to Robert M. and Patricia I. Deschamps, $380,000

111 Florence Rd Unit 2c: Ray Jordan LLC to Walter Konior, $129,100

28 Hemlock Rd: Anne M. Hynes to Kristine Lockwood and Susan R. Macbeth, $319,900

57 Brookwood Dr: Maria A. Dilullo to Steven Evora, $270,000

110 Main St: John M. and David Tamulevich to Barry S. Soehnlein, $240,000

211 E Main St Unit 61: Kathleen Bothwell to Laurie E. Pennington, $122,500

38 Sybil Ave: Stephen L. and Suzanne P. Duhamel to Robert B. and Patricia G. Doyle, $505,000

2 Halstead Ln: Clarence D Fleming Jr T and Bank New York Mellon Tr to Richard P. and Sarah F. Colbert, $940,000

5 Pin Oak Dr: Portfolio Management LLC to 5 Pin Oak Drive LLC, $250,000

Double Beach Rd: Ellis G. Bradley to Catherine A. Dinoto, $65,000

40 Foxglove Cir: Julia K. Smith to Wood Willow LLC, $198,000


574 Huckins Rd: Cheshire Holdings LLC to Scott and Kassandra Marcucio, $576,000

134 Mountain Rd: Catherine and Robert Trussell to Kimbgerly and Pablo Alamo, $299,000

743 W Main St Unit E: Erickson Marcia Est and Brian Erickson to Paul Scala, $149,000

625 Overlook Dr: US Bank NA to Flip It LLC, $165,500

533 Richard Dr: Katherine Kuss to Shah Nawaz, $60,000

34 Glen Ct: Scott Hozebin to Frank and Sara Vumbaca, $300,000

37 Amherst Dr: Catherine Zachariewicz to Steven Morley, $275,000

8 Flagler Ave: Donald and Effe Cumpstone to Donald Smith and Leah Marsh, $242,000

56 Warren St: StMartin Edmond Est and Gregory StMartin to New England Real Estate, $160,000

144 Laurel Ter: Paul Hannan to Daniel Cassella, $170,000

35 Sylvan Ln: Simeon Donahue to Mohammed Quader, $165,000

55 Towpath Ln: Darconery Padilla to Kathryn Zurlo and Andrew Tobin, $348,900

727 S Main St Unit 727: Matthew Tremblay to Brigette Hall, $143,500

490 Jinny Hill Rd: FNMA to Gustavo Montoya, $255,000

30 Brentwood Dr: Michael and Dana Brown to Justin and Victoria Sargeant, $261,000

40 Southwick Ct Unit 301: Costello Virginia Est and Kathleen Catino to Catherine Zachariewicz, $135,000

265 Richmond Glen Dr: Brodach Richmond LLC to Kathy Zak, $513,214

N/a: Napolitano Cook Hill LLC to Mhclarke Properties LLC, $1,671,100

208 Cow Hill Rd: Leroy R. and Tracy A. Jackson to David J. Doherty, $333,000

19 Christopher Ln: Bank New York Mellon Tr to Michael A. Comfort, $166,100

22 Cream Pot Rd: Scott and Cheryl A. Brawn to Robert P. Herlihy, $290,000

5 Jamaica Rd: Ronald B. Space to Alicia M. Melluzzo, $100,000

94 Ironworks Rd: Leslie A. Carroll to Susan D. Conlon, $200,000

196 E Main St: Thapan Group LLC to Clinton Food Mart LLC, $1,400,000

177 Borrmann Rd: George Jemielity to Rony Castro and Norma Resuleu, $170,000

31 Roy St: FNMA to Carlos Camacho and Liz Lopez, $90,000

130 Coe Ave Unit 67: James A&Rose B Celeone T and Rose Celone to Milica Sekerovic, $47,000

25 Stevens St: Vikings Ventures Corp to Nicole Amendola, $155,000

26 Foote Rd: Brian and Rosemarie Higgins to Christian Tarducci, $220,000

10 Green Glen Ter: Victor Castillo to Paul Calandro and Colleen Hickey, $225,000

3 Catherine St: Constance Lavoie to Balmer Gonzalez, $214,000

26 Newton St: Zoarski Gerald Est and Felicia Williams to Donald Brown, $170,600

35 Saint Andrew Ave: Marie Petrillo to Heather Byron, $147,500

11 Bennett Rd: Fresh Start Homes LLC to Mary Bates, $241,470

15 Park Pl: Joseph Travaglino to Michael Leone, $324,000

54 Glenmoor Dr: Donald Austin and Herman Kusta to Mark Sanzo, $182,000

3 North St: Louise Meizies to Lisa Chapelle, $224,000

573 Hill St: Peter Kofsuske and Jaime Perry to Mary and David Hultgren, $193,900

N/a: Millenium Investors LLC to Lloyd James, $50,000

683 Richies Way: Joseph F. and Margot White to Sheryl Culotta, $580,000

100 George St: Malcolm and Linda Wiener to Jack N. Sandgren and Kelly L. Freely, $382,000

85 Sage Hollow Rd: Stephen M. Marsi to Frank P. Kowalonek and Sandra R. Dias, $422,500

317 Boston St: Misty L. Mota to Jason M. Naarden and Sasha M. Gelband, $385,000

128 Chester St: Biltmore Construction Co to Clifford D. and Krista C. Rodgerson, $175,000

112 Piper Rd: CT Homes R US LLC to Shayna Smith, $166,500

1484 Dixwell Ave: Lorenzo and Katherine G. Parente to Geraldine T. Mckeon and Matthew J. Zajkowski, $210,000

611 Gilbert Ave: Lawrence L. Liseo to Michael Preston, $229,000

785 Paradise Ave: Maria Fioretino to Thank Tran, $141,666

75 Washington Ave Unit 8-103: Viola Cuomo to John A. and Mary Velleca, $107,500

1810 Dixwell Ave: CCMD Investments LLC to Dixwell Holdings LLC, $425,000

63 Overshores W: Josephine R. Geremia to Michael Geremia, $375,000

5 Franks Way: Mark S. and Julie S. Danetz to Patrice M. Couret, $530,000

4 W Sussex Pl Unit 4: Frank J. and Amy C. Carta to Ciriaco P. and Maria D. Giannitti, $370,000

496 Summer Hill Rd: Alletzhauser Eric Est and Albert J. Alletzhauser to Mark Deccillis, $120,000

Deer Creek Rd Unit 3: Valley Const Co to Christopher Ballberg and Desiree Hallberg, $215,500

45 Milford Point Rd: H Christina Hanley to Vincent Rusciano, $740,000

83 Grant St: Paula D. Rusu to Nouhad Majd and Riad Saim, $460,000

45 Fairwood Ave: John W. and Alexandra S. Shilling to Danza LLC, $140,000

97 Housatonic Dr: Jack B. Tinkel to Marc and Victoria Possidento, $807,500

719 Milford Point Rd: Michael Meizies and Pamela Austin to Rose M. and Pasquale E. Ponzio, $241,000

10 Wilshire Blvd: Macfadyen John Est and Diane Shackett to Mirella I. Aponte, $340,000

714 Popes Island Rd Unit 714: Carmela L. Tucci to Michael A. Wix, $263,000

35 Crowley Ave: Michael D. and Nina R. Singer to Mansour H. Awwad and Micheal S. Qafaiti, $233,500

28 Wilbar Ave: Brian and Stephanie M. Callahan to Andrew and Michelle L. Geltman, $550,000

105 Baxter Ln: Frederick J. and Frederick J. Burrows to Justin K. and Theresa M. Innes, $355,000

185 Edgefield Ave: FHLM to Robert Fino, $222,900

372 Plains Rd: Margaret and Margaret A. Daniels to Stefan and Susan Vanwaveren, $168,500

30 Darina Pl: Daniel Oatis to Mary E. Oake, $385,000

24 Cindy Cir: Gionet Marie Est and Susan Chaisson to Marie C. Marcelin, $170,500

22 Seabreeze Ave Unit B: Catherine M. Marucci to Nicole L. Veltri, $270,000

15 Merwin Ave: Maurice Conroy and Mary Burke to Lydia Bock and Jeffrey A. Fayman, $610,000

15 W Main St: First United Church and Colleen E. Kranz to Colleen E. Kranz, $350,000

49 Hitching Post Ln: Marc J. and Victoria Possidento to James K. Mitchell and Ariyono W. Sugiharto, $585,000

6 Salem Walk Unit 6: Muriel A. Guilmette and Muriel A. Gulmette to Shawn H. and Kathleen J. Freel, $135,000

18 Bonsilene St: Peter and Eleanor Henningsen to Kim A. Burrows, $329,900

174 Cedarhurst Ln: Soloman Melanie A Est and Joseph J. Mager to Ying and Hui X. Li, $260,000

150 Forest Rd Unit 39: Louise A. Brittingham to Joseph V. and Susan F. Newlan, $275,000

539 Swanson Cres Unit 539: Deborah Chaffin and Jennie M. Daniells to Vivian Penna, $140,000

56 Hayes Dr: Warner and Lawrence Voelpert to Mary Fowler, $174,100

76 Stowe Ave: RSGF Builders LLC to Bipinkomar K. and Taraben Patel, $479,000

45 Spice Bush Ln Unit 45: Toni A. Jerolimo and Isabelle T. Varda to David Seifer and Cynthia Meyers Seifer, $609,900

286 Burr St: Carmel C. Forgione to Aveline Franco, $215,000

90 Ley St: Anna Raucci to Angela M. Dest, $152,000

14 Boston Ave: Dominic J. Savo to Cesar Palomeque, $170,000

94 Harrington Ave: Vincent Ematrudo to Juan D. Cando, $85,000

210 Burwell St: 21 Burwell Street LLC to Bur Well St LLC, $550,000

120 Lenox St: USA HUD to Carlos Serrano, $55,000

70 Essex St: Michael Meneo to FNMA, $258,193

454 Middletown Ave Unit B: Robert Bicknell to Ahmet Civil, $37,000

280 Blatchley Ave: Iris Deleon to Jose A. Ramirez, $190,000

127 Clay St: Richard E. Votto and Bryant K. Thomas to Reichman Brodie Real Est, $180,000

215 Livingston St: Marjan Mashhadi and Matthew Specter to Laureen A. Tobias and Brooks M. Walsh, $870,000

597 Chapel St: Catherine J. Serino and Gene J. Toro to 597-61 Chapel LLC, $880,000

15 Avon St: Mary J. Stevens to Owen Howlett, $320,000

48 Howard Ave: Karen Nakamura and Hisako Matsuo to Vincent Liota and Mindy Roseman, $267,700

18 Cave St: Margaret S. Watley to Xiangbing Wang, $35,000

323 George St: George&High LLC to 323 George Street LLC, $5,450,000

1151 Chapel St: Stirling and Dorian L. Shapiro to Duncan New Haven Owner, $800,000

110 Ivy St: Ulysses G. Pollock to Charleszetta Taylor, $84,950

718 Winchester Ave: MMS Investments LLC to Shadmit LLC, $160,000

66 Daggett St: Abderrahim Mirri to Abdejalil Akassisse, $20,000

330 Bellevue Rd: Timothy and Terry Cash to Menahem Edelkopf, $125,000

176 Norton St: Webster Bank NA to Menahem Edelkopf, $145,900

800 George St: MMS Investments LLC to Shadmit LLC, $105,000

596 Central Ave: MCM Capital Partners LLC to Bitachon LLC, $121,750

1150 Whalley Ave: Arista Whalley Avenue LLC to Pascap Export Inc, $9,950,000

33 Fowler St: Valeria L. Ullauri to Kristin C. Williams, $153,000

N/a: Mary Licata to Lane G. English, $177,500

311 Village St: Sherwood George A Est and Georgette M. Pecoraro to Joseph Eisinger, $234,900

19 Coach Dr: Marylou Crutchfield and Thomas Ferraro to Steve C. Wilson, $275,000

10 Pine River Rd: Bayview Loan Servicing to Dianne Aquaro, $195,000

35 Sherwood Dr: Joan E. Slater to Lewis A. Maturo, $235,000

51 Giles Ave: 51 Giles LLC to DFC Of Giles Avenue LLC, $700,000

6 Gail Dr: Jesse C. Jaqua to William S. Colwell, $280,000

33 Cooper Rd: Jeffrey R. and Stephanie K. Jalbert to Saed Mahmoud and Mahmoud Aruri, $500,000

64 Kings Hwy: Newtonarc LLC to Nanci E. Dower, $358,000

269 Quinnipiac Ave: USA HUD to House 2 Home Inc, $113,425

534 Old Clintonville Rd Unit 2a: Joseph G. Gallicchio to Stephen and Suzanne Duhamel, $115,000

16 Mikeys Way: Luanci Construction LLC to Myron and Alexander Seniw, $585,000

Old Saybrook

21 George Dr: Jeffrey Fecteau to Kenneth J. Fecteau, $40,000

25 Middletown Ave: Barbara M. Gardner to Maureen and James P. Mccarthy, $311,580

385 Main St: NRZ REO 4 Corp to Alan Cantor, $341,900

32 Shepard St: Phillip M. Appell to Mary Woomer, $270,000

33 Maynard Rd: Jennifer C. Olsen to Christine E. Mccarthy, $289,500

1 Barley Hill Rd: Cameron C. and Christi M. Staples to Schuyler W. Livingston and Barbara H. Kapustynski, $435,000

358 Racebrook Rd: FCB REM LLC to John M. Palavra, $204,000

4 Cheryl Ave: William Kosche to Scott Ugolik, $187,800

3 Sorrento Rd: Arns Inc to Beata and Waldemar Fekieta, $175,799

25 Hillsview Ave: Vincent and Meredith Ng to Lorraine Matuszkiewicz, $261,000

99 Fairview Ave: Joseph Mccarthy Jr and Carol Mccarthy to Daniel Thaller, $255,000

17 Blakeslee Rd: Stephen and Giulia Terese to Alyssa Clarino and Gregory Axelrod, $284,900

28 Ernest St: Karen StJohn and Jean Breuler to John Ranciato, $50,000

45 Deme Rd: Paul Scala to Anthony Daversa and Diana Aquino, $225,000

3 Fawn Dr: Anthony Delasota to Dean Brainerd, $305,000

12 White Tail Ln Unit 12: Stephen Helak to April Bourquard, $155,900

46 S Cherry St Unit 343: FNMA to Todd Doornweerd, $77,000

61 Spice Hill Dr Unit 61: Grace and Dennis Terwilliger to Tammy Vertucci, $153,000

17 Padens Ct: Victoria Richards to Atulkumar and Jayaben Patel, $405,500

36 Twin Pines Dr: Jin Sun and Yanling Huang to Christopher and Barbara Simmons, $495,000

10 Royal Oak Ln: Sunwood Development Corp to Ryan and Cristina Madden, $489,760

N/a: Donald Brombacker to Giuseppe and Giovannina Sabino, $200,000

N/a: Donald Brombacker to Giuseppe and Giovannina Sabino, $140,000

192 Beatrice Dr: Patricia L. Barnes to Rachel Young, $235,000

163 Park St: Concetta Deangelo-Landino to Tulex Contracting LLC, $130,000

22 Cove Brook Rd: West Haven City Of to Laurie Brown, $170,000

80 Claudia Dr Unit 469: RV Associates Inc to Mark Bowers, $48,000

9 Curtiss Ave: USA HUD to RP Home Design&Enhancmn, $68,000

202 York St: Juan C. and Clara G. Rios to Julio C. Reynoso and Nicole Bentley, $200,000

116 Bedford St: TKS Brokerage LLC to Louis A. Maiorino, $155,000

191 Terrace Ave: USA HUD to David Wright, $95,000

13 Locust St: FHLM to Richard Rae, $85,000

93 Spruce St: Sean Courtney to Elizabeth M. Cerezo, $119,900

230 Malcolm Rd: Sandra O. and Albino V. Fernandes to Daniel F. and Marimartha S. Levey, $185,000

2 Sagamore Ter W: EBSN LLC to Scott and Laurie Gilligan, $294,000

483 Essex Rd: John M. Cannon to Joseph A. Vanacore, $199,900

15 Stannard Dr: 4M Investments LLC to Theodore F. and Penelope H. Babbitt, $475,000

321 Seaside Ave: Janet G. Craig and Patricia G. Perry to 321 Seaside LLC, $325,000

263 Seaside Ave: Coe C. and David Hawkins to Lucia Nosal, $426,666

53 Knothe Rd: Albert M. Palm to Roger A. and Elaine M. Charbonneau, $139,500

167 Kingfisher Ln: George J. and Marthe M. Lefebvre to David S. and Sharon L. Bender, $1,460,000

Old Kelsey Point Rd: Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to 134 Cooper Street LLC, $205,200

21 Enoch Dr: Robert Shee to Adam and Marcia Mecca, $555,000

39 Richard Sweet Dr: Courtney and Thomas Sienkowski to Ronald Burgess, $460,000

106 Newton Rd: Elena Prete to Fengyong Gu and Lingyan Li, $339,000

349 Amity Rd: Gregory Pignataro to Ann and Mark Schairer, $290,000

34 Manila Ave: Kathleen Consoli to Ming Zhag, $255,000