20 Gentile Pl: Robert L. Collingwood to Cathyann Roding and Drake E. Smith, $275,000

103 Shore Dr: Mary D Enterprises LLC to Diane Marangelo, $302,500

618-622 Main St: 622 Assoc to 620 Main Partners LLC, $400,000

41 Linden Ave: Linda A. Mcgregor-Garber and Robert B. Mcgregor to Linda A. Mcgregor-Garber and Lee A. Garber, $35,000

609 Plymouth Colony Unit 609: James M. Obrien to Dyrz LLC, $192,000

28 Hunting Ridge Farms Rd: Mirror Lake LLC to Mary T. Barker-Fachini and John J. Fachini, $384,000

214 Alps Rd Unit 46: Hagens FT and Rosemary T. Rubsam to Marlene E. Lemire, $185,000

Green Condo Unit 430: Shirley Schlottman to Andhar Assoc, $130,000

140 Commerce Ct: Airgas USA LLC to Livvrite Realty LLC, $320,000

4 Quarry Village Rd Unit 4: Deborah Mcphee to Pasha Properties LLC, $175,000

417 Willow Well Ct: James and Frances Towne to Carroll and Kathryn Drysdale, $258,000

25 Mueller Ave: Debra Delouise to Daniel and Tara Kelly, $235,000

97 Main St: Martin and Lorraine Rabach to Sientrist LLC, $249,900

95 Nicole Ct: Vineet and Anita Bhandari to Jefferson and Allyson Belen, $485,000

557 Jarvis St: Richard and Kerri Belvin to James and Carrie Cherlin, $490,000

109 Old Towne Rd Unit 109: Edward Fitzpatrick to Becki Louys, $175,000

62 Mackenzie Ter: River Cove Estates LLC to Dennis and Babrara Carruth, $643,482

2 Allen Rd: Michael P. Theriault to Kurt Jagel, $322,000

132 Airline Rd: Petrelis Properties LLC to Albert A. and Marilyn S. Coppola, $380,000

39 Willow Ct: Gary M. and Natalie A. Garrison to Kaitlin Abbate and Jacob Sweet, $268,500

65 James Vincent Dr: Morrison Harold F Est and Nancy J. Mckeon to Frank J. and Amy C. Carta, $459,000

36 Pleasant Ave: Aimee Mahon and Francis Bailey to Albert Martone, $132,500

104 William St: Pauline Connelly to Connor Halloran, $178,250

140 Salerno Ave: Americo Dilabio to Vincent and Carolyn Romano, $220,000

20 Hobson St: Seipold Loretta Est and Charles Seipold to Michael and Laura Sprague, $182,000

156 N Atwater St: Rose Fortier to Robert and Lynne Nofi, $112,750

156 N Atwater St: Salemme Anthony Est and Robert Salemme to Robert and Lynne Nofi, $112,750

174 Nut Plains Rd: Kathleen Moniello to Reinaldo Barrera, $268,500

151 Durham Rd: David C. and Glenda C. Leake to Fullercrest Farms Inc, $290,000

149 Prospect Ave: Lindley C. Sawyer to Michael and Cynthia Scursso, $675,000

70 Marvel Rd: Rebecca L. Jefferson to Lloyd E. and Leigh N. Beatty, $204,000

485 Boston St: Darren R. Galdenzi to Mary K. Loncharich, $300,000

Old Whitfield St: Livio T. and Thomas Bailey to William R Freeman T and William R. Freeman, $181,500

65 Long Hill Farm Unit 65: Nancy L Robbins RET and Nancy L. Robbins to Bethany Bryant, $217,500

14 Lantern Hill Ln: Janis L. Dandrea to Michael T. Abramson and Karen Rabinovici, $595,000

52 Thirsty Lake Rd: M&M Real Estate Dev LLC to Misty Bartlett, $391,000

16 Sunset Ridge Dr: Donald and Janet Dwyer to David T. and Sondra J. Baseggio, $560,000

512 Lake Dr: Joan L Stettbacher RET and Joan L. Stettbacher to Anthony Mansi, $193,000

Halleck St: Samantha D. and David Meder to 25 Halleck Street LLC, $325,000

306 Pine Rock Ave Unit D1: JACS LLC to SBGDLG LLC, $42,150

89 Killdeer Rd: Carlos I. and Alexandfra Mena-Hurtado to Jeffrey W. and Susan K. White, $660,000

1204 Whitney Ave Unit 110: Adam Sperling to Yiu Chung Rex-Wong, $80,000

44 Saint Mihiel Dr: USA HUD to Larry Schwartz, $118,100

190 Belden Rd: Carolyn and Emily Reiss to Yarimar Gonzalez, $137,200

44 Morgan Ln: Jeffrey S. and Heather L. Walter to Kork S. and Mochelle V. Eastaquio, $190,000

170 Kathrine Dr: Beverly Maturo to Abdul Kenja, $175,000

27 Canterbury Rd Unit 27: Geoffrey and Patricia S. Miller to Yan Xu, $275,000

37 Mattes Rd: George Tokash and James Usher to David and Nicole Granucci, $320,000

732 Paradise Ave: Gil Marshak to Andrea Brodeur, $267,000

299 Washington Ave Unit 19: Jeralyn Rose LLC to Washington Ave Properties, $52,000

1105 Paradise Ave: James F. Kennedy to Donna Wade, $190,000

319 Knob Hill Dr: Pattabiraman Devadoss to Franley Pasteur, $250,000

120 Dickerman St: Trang Buynh to Sara A. Foran and Teran E. Loeppke, $235,000

1086 W Woods Rd: Harry C. and Beverly C. Girolomo to Lawrence H. and Patricia E. Spinello, $115,000

1925 Shepard Ave Unit 23: Richard Morgan to Patrick J. and Jeniene Ferguson, $231,500

40 Dunn Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Brougham REO Owners, $149,600

35 Todd St Unit 206: Thomas R. and Ilona Sansone to Osvaldo Sanchez, $295,000

168 Boston Post Rd Unit 9: Christopher Anatra to BTPM LLC, $92,000

12 Centre Village Dr Unit 12: Eileen Kruzynski to John M. and Kathryn Fuchs, $344,500

45 Sylvan Rd: Anne L. and Nancy S. Kahrimanis to Andrew and Angela Wedekind, $515,000

65 Old Route 79 Unit 25: Glenn A. and Martha C. Stewart to Ann Michalowski, $187,500

49 Green Hill Rd: Blue Shutter LLC to Stephen C. and Wendy A. Pollard, $270,000

80 Fairview Dr: Susan S. Dickie and Donald C. Schmidt to Lydia H. Rivira, $245,000

17 Kachina Way: David C. Gilmore and Maria Gilnore to David A. Labelle, $612,500

79 5 Fields Rd: Robert A. and Lori A. Murphy to Joel W. Baroody, $375,000

47 Kelsey Springs Dr: Carolyn A. Rothermund to Daniel and Kristin Macarthur, $675,000

70 Field Brook Rd: Anna C. Golddoff and Goldoff Barry Est to Daniel and Julia Maia, $340,000

70 Field Brook Rd: Anna C. Golddoff to Daniel and Julia Maia, $340,000

34 Beekman Pl: Frank J. and Tracy A. Mendicino to Greg and Jan Scott, $815,000

17 Dogwood Ln: Red Oak Investments LLC to Amanda Schwartz and Omar Moulhem, $300,000

94 Quail Run: Michael Fleming to Roman Ozimek and Lorrie Hillman-Ozimek, $527,500

107 Overbrook Rd: Barry L Konet T and Barry L. Konet to Stephen John and Alison Tyliszczak, $357,500

919 Durham Rd: Patricia S. Anderson to Joseph P. Luginsland and Catherine A. Dagliere, $286,500

23 Evarts Ln Unit 23: Eileen Rush Matthay RET and Eilleen Rush-Matthay to Charles R. and Lynda Z. Tyson, $770,000

256 Hunters Trl: Donald F. and Karen O. Petri to Stephen Bernard and Cara Petrus, $405,000

61 E Broadway Unit C: Donna D. Monachelli to Natalia A. Zafra, $155,000

85 Viscount Dr Unit 66b: Michele Zurko-Smith to John A. Velleco, $211,000

23 Maddox Ave: Karen Tarantino to Ian Delaney, $180,000

48 Knobb Hill Rd: George Dion to Joan Glass and Myungja Koo, $515,000

48 Knobb Hill Rd: Edward J Phelan RET and Elizabeth M. Phelan to Elizabeth M. Khrysty and Dylan B. Mark, $285,000

181 Melba St Unit 325: Jill K. Mislow to Kevin S. Koenig and Viktoriya Metelitsa, $177,000

267 Melba St Unit B13: Ashraf A. Al Zawaideh to Stephen C. Simpliciano, $210,000

1 Gulfview Ct: Robert Hartmann to William L. Bodden, $375,000

466 High St: John and Marien Ivak to Abul and Rumana Hasan, $400,000

53 Cherry St Unit 1: Chet Sokolowski to Cherry St Office Condo, $275,000

53 Cherry St Unit 3: Chet Sokolowski to Cherry St Office Condo, $275,000

1618 New Haven Ave: Mark R. Arcobello to Anthony C. and Nikki Martell, $580,000

448 W River St: Patrick J. and Patrick F. Oneill to Oeun Eang, $285,000

324 Foxwood Ln Unit 324: Jennifer Permison to Peter and Barbara Andujar, $172,000

4 Kerry Ct: Mark Bender to Svitlana Maykovych and Gustavo Mosquera, $336,000

67 Knobb Hill Rd: Peter M. and Barbara O. Andujar to Kevin P. Delinski, $310,000

Caswell St: Amy S Connors RET and James M. Connors to John D. and Holly S. Gregory, $12,000

No Transactions in this Town

675 Townsend Ave Unit 114: Richard Votto to Kingi Thomas, $162,000

855 Woodward Ave: 855 Woodward Avenue LLC to Westville Real Est Mgmt, $195,500

92 Lexington Ave: Natalie Iovieno to Riverview Res Care Home, $900,000

7 Westminster St Unit 7: Karen M. Mattimore to Matthew Stebbins, $123,500

115 Weybosset St: Rodrigo N. Carvajal to Jorge Gonzalez, $219,000

153 Dover St: GG&CC Properties LLC to M&D Batim LLC, $325,000

191 Atwater St: Nora C. Murphy to Jorge Herrera, $85,000

66 Haven St: Heriberto Cortes to Cherese Nesmith, $100,594

105 Bishop St: Matthew B. Taylor and Myra C. Jones-Taylor to George F. Melillo and Leah M. Ferrucci, $652,500

91 Adeline St: Meer Children IRT to World Business Ent Inc, $70,000

914 Congress Ave: Eugene S. Zuffelato to Mark I. Cowes, $110,000

26 Platt St: Shriji Ventures LLC to Sowmua Viswanathan, $160,000

154 Porter St: Michael and Tarra M. Farquhar to Proper Management LLC, $90,000

183 Cleveland Rd: Sydonie Gelman to Stephanie M. and Adam J. Carter, $215,000

169 Fountain St Unit C4: Richard and Ardith Vines to STNH Hldg Co, $81,000

149 Fountain St Unit 18: Anne Baxter-Fox to Dhara P. Patel and Adityaajay Agarwal, $113,000

1159 Whalley Ave: Marathon Petroleum Co to Savin New Haven LLC, $950,000

220 Kohary Dr: Tara Estabrooks to Martiese and Curtis Saulsbury, $240,000

205 Stevenson Rd: Meenoo and Sangeeta Sameer to Melissa S. Alers, $263,500

124 Ray Rd: Eric Wiessinger to Andrew Shurer and Rachel Niederer, $240,000

118 Greenhill Ter: David and Ruth Council to Deneda Thompson, $140,000

118 Judwin Ave: Kenneth L. and Brenda Page to Juan F. and Joanna D. Carmona, $259,000

190 Wooster St Unit 65: Renate Bentley to Menachem and Dina Hecht, $155,000

202 Totoket Rd: Haley Evelyn M Est and James L. Haley to Donald and Alberta Guest, $22,000

1061 Foxon Rd: Judith B. Farkash to Whitmore Prop Solutions, $96,000

1061 Foxon Rd: Whitmore Prop Solutions to Mayra Mendoza and Italo Tapia, $120,000

25 Marjorie Dr: Senga H. Zargo to Alden J. Skelton, $235,000

110 Great Oak Rd: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Richard and Doris Pingel, $133,900

6 Linda Ct: Robert G. and Krista S. Criscuolo to Gary T. Onofrio, $240,000

34 Farmington Dr: Sunwood Development Corp to JK Custom Homes LLC, $160,000

229 Branford Rd: NYC REO LLC to Robert N. Sherwood, $117,000

1719 Hartford Tpke: Christina Oconnor and Katherine Pender-Flaherty to John P. Ranciato, $25,000

7 Hamilton Ct: Pasquale and Dianne L. Aquaro to Robert G. and Krista S. Criscuolo, $415,000

2 George St: James B. and Norine C. Fanning to 2 George Street Realty, $360,000

95 Samoset Ave: David F. Connors and Chunli Huang to Michael Borsoi, $246,700

242 Maple Ave: US Bank NA to Radian Guaranty Inc, $254,907

242 Maple Ave: Radian Guaranty Inc to Ercan Uzun, $225,000

73 Whitney Ridge Ter: Anna Malone to Danielle M. Ginnetti and Olivier N. Durand, $304,000

500 Middletown Ave: Donmar Builders LLC to Jamie E. Dechello, $207,440

21 Belvedere Rd: Cynthia Brockett to Kelly Snyder, $238,225

500 Middletown Ave Unit 9: Donmar Builders LLC to Eun E. Jo, $279,900

114 Summer Ln Unit 16: Vigliotti Construction Co to Linda Madigan-Runlett, $367,000

15 Seacrest Rd: Pauline C. Orlando to John F. and Margaret R. Fisher, $600,000

10 Mohegan Ave: 273 Water Street LLC to Jacqueline S. Gosin, $9,000,000

13 Owaneco Trl: Eugene Baranowski to Lindsay Lacava and Brian Agan, $320,000

3 Mohican Trl: Elizabeth M. Kroher and CIT Bank NA to Paul Gozzi, $325,000

5 Gregory Pl: Diana Melville to Charles L. and Ellendale M. Hoffman, $600,000

412 Main St: Craig and Deborah Ferrer to Steven J. and Constance L. Corbett, $755,000

2 Watch Hill Rd: Gradbros LLC to Alex K. and Stephanie M. Foulkes, $387,500

8 Christy Hts: William P. and Margaret M. Obrien to Glenn Smith, $300,065

20 Mohegan Ave: Piece Of Paradise LLC to Barry M. Gosin, $2,000,000

N/a: Robert E. and Susan M. Malton to Richard D. Scheiblum, $22,000

294 Sarah Cir: N P Dodge Jr T and N P. Dodge to Jeffrey Monda, $300,000

193 Mulberry Ln: Hongxing Tang and Lin Feng to Rafal and Aneta Piorek, $428,000

632 Dogwood Rd: Diane Maisto and Patricia Sciascia to Daniela Marchitto, $115,000

355 Derby Ave: Irma M. Biancur to Brian A. Cuzzocreo and Catherine A. Colomonico, $180,000

58 Grieb Trl: Brett and Karen Pellegrini to Elena and Paul Prete, $299,900

86 Long Hill Rd: Nicholas and Lorraine Stabile to Shawn Newton and Vikram Nath, $345,000

67 Tremper Dr: Diane Tierney to Eileen and Craig Chatfield, $207,500

134 N Orchard St: Susan White to Michael and Deborah Masella, $250,000

70 Sylvan Ave: Alfred Lettiero to Justin Delvecchio, $177,500

477 Church St: Amore and Delores Anderson to Tyler and Dorota Bateman, $185,500

155 East St: Greenwich Investors 47 to Ferti Management Corp, $2,675,000

14 Clinton Pl: Rosanne Mondrone to Nora Dresel and Thomas Bodzioch, $225,000

27 Apple St: Amston Real Estate LLC to Jason Price, $208,000

43 W Ridgeland Rd: Brian Kuczek to Doug Thompson, $255,000

155 Highland Ave: Thomas and Ann Habib to Brian Angelico, $360,000

67 Spice Hill Dr Unit 67: John Williams to Joseph Milot, $140,000

69 Newbury Ln Unit 69: Deleo Rosario Est and Salvatore Deleo to Gary and Kimberly Mastroianni, $140,000

47 Old Village Cir Unit 22: Elizabeth Reims RET and Donald Reims to Roy Earley, $320,000

15 Delawan Ave: Samantha Stevens to Meagan S. Evans, $127,000

149 Skyline Dr: Patricia W. Massey and Linda W. Mcinnis-Lees to Jocelynne Morrell, $154,000

74 Seaview Ave: David J. Nassef and Corey T. Magyar-Nassef to Rosa Mazzone, $249,000

12 Twin Circle Rd: Jennifer Amiri and Jason Flynn to Daryl F. Burton, $238,000

131 Fairview Ave: Janine Falcigno to Christopher Kalesavich, $226,500

157 Laurel St: Daniel A. Lyons to Jeffrey B. Nielsen and Angela M. Solimene-Nielsen, $211,900

23 Magnolia Ave: Katheryn A. and Paul L. Oberempt to Sheldon O. Smith, $195,000

1 West Walk Unit 1: David M. Birk to Alicia Dekroon and Shawn Lonergan, $139,000

94 Thomas St: Giovanna Burke and Maria Santore to Carlos Morales, $175,000

23 Atwater St: Anthony D. and Carmela C. Penkrat to 25 Atwater Street LLC, $99,999

12 Noble St: Wayne A. and Katherine B. Kregling to Alfred F. Anzalone and Samantha L. Laluna, $169,900

155 Bull Hill Ln Unit 104: FNMA to Belayet and Refa Chowdhury, $65,000

398 Kelsey Ave: Rosemary T. Civitello and Champion Mortgage to Bank Of America NA, $150,000

208 Court St: Robert A. and Fico Milburn to Jeannette Zapata, $247,500

410 Campbell Ave: Beecher&Bennett Inc to Plimpton LLC, $700,000

184 Highland St: US Bank NA to Marcela Mendez-Saavedra and Gustavo C. Corona, $73,500

46 George St: George J. Velardi to D S. Rodriguez-Navarrette and Hector R. Uscanga, $210,000

528 2nd Ave: Susan I. Andersen to Darwin R. Calvopina-Torres, $250,000