Survey says respondents pleased with Guilford Police Department

Guilford Police Department vehicle

The Guilford Police Department released the results of its citizen survey Wednesday morning, reporting feedback that was overwhelmingly positive toward the department.

A total of 109 people participated in the survey, according to the agency’s release, which indicates 96 participants agreed or strongly agreed that responding officers were courteous and professional toward them.

Eight participants said the statement was not applicable to them, one strongly disagreed and four neither agreed nor disagreed.

Several other prompts, which asked respondents to indicate, for example, whether they felt safe in Guilford and whether officers made them feel comfortable, yielded similar results.

Police Chief Warren “Butch” Hyatt said he was happy with the survey results.

“It is reinforcing that the things that we are doing and the way we do handle things, people are generally satisfied with the response,” he said. “I think we do maintain a good relationship with the people in the community and the people that travel here or work here.”

But there’s always room for improvement, he said.

All but four survey respondents reported interacting with a member of the Guilford Police Department during the past two years, according to the results.

Only five respondents said they were not Guilford residents. With participants able to select all applicable categories, 103 said they were residents, 40 said they were property owners and 11 said they were business owners.

When asked to indicate what kind of interaction they’d had with officers, 41 respondents said they’d reported a crime or other incident, 27 had seen an officer at a public event, 27 were seeking information, 15 were subject to an investigation or motor vehicle stop, 10 witnessed a crime or incident and eight said they were victims of a crime.

Respondents were able to select all categories that applied, and 54 indicated they had an interaction type that was not listed.

The complete survey results can be found here.

The positive feedback did not surprise First Selectman Matthew Hoey.

“As a CALEA-certified (department), we maintain the highest degree of professionalism and pride ourselves on transparency and engagement in the community,” he said.

Hoey thanked the department for conducting the survey, which the department conducts every couple of years as part of its certification process for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

“The results speak highly of the effectiveness of our award-winning Police Department, but what can be measured, can be improved,” he said. “I am confident that Police Chief Butch Hyatt and his team will use the results to further improve its performance,” Hoey said.

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