The Saybrook staff, residents prepare to get vaccine soon

The Saybrook at Haddam on Saybrook Road in Haddam.

HADDAM — The Saybrook at Haddam is preparing its residents and staff for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in the next couple of weeks. The vaccine will be administered in clinics provided by CVS Health/Omnicare, a Dec. 28 announcement from the assisted living and retirement community said.

Universal infection control practices started there since the pamdemic began, the announcement said, under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, local and state health departments, and its own, private consultant. These have included daily health screenings for both staff and residents; proper mask wearing; frequent sanitizing of door handles, counters, elevator buttons, etc.; and quarantine and testing protocol for new residents and current residents returning from outside the community.

The Saybrook at Haddam announcement said the hope is the much-anticipated Covid-19 vaccine is “the beginning of the end” to the pandemic, but it will continue to follow current safety measures even after vaccination because its resident population is more vulnerable to the virus than other members of the public. Only once it is determined to be absolutely safe, The Saybrook will be able to relax precautions, the announcement said.

Assisted living communities can offer safe alternatives to living at home alone, the announcement said. Multiple studies, it said, have shown prolonged loneliness and isolation is as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness and social isolation can increase one’s risk for obesity, heart disease, stroke, falls, depression, cognitive decline, and more, the announcement said.

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