WESTBROOK — Shooting silly string and confetti-filled poppers into the air, Westbrook High School graduation was a joyous celebration on Monday, June 17.

Addressing 56 graduates, Superintendent of Schools Patricia A. Ciccone urged the students, as they face the future, to focus on the journey and not just their own personal goal.

“We all know that even if you successfully attain your goal, with only your goal in mind, you will learn something, but not all that might have been learned,” she said.

“This afternoon I urge you to focus on your journey, your pathways, and we will thank you, in advance, for the undoubtedly positive impact you will have on the world around you,” she said.

In addressing his fellow graduates, Valedictorian Finian McGannon focused on a “cool metaphor … our class is like the pyramid, and each one of us supports one another in different ways.

“As we move out into the world, and we lose some of this strong foundation, each of us will face the challenge of rebuilding our own pyramid,” he said. “So, as you do that, look for the strong supports, the friends who love you for who you are, and the mentors who see the potential for who you could become.”

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