BRANFORD — Five years ago, Madelyn Kavanaugh published “Mermaid Tears,” a story about children and sea glass and a mermaid and the power of believing. It took place at a beach near her Branford home during the summer on a beach. She read her book at libraries, at summer associations, and at local schools.

At one of those schools, “a little boy raised his hand and asked where the mermaid goes during the winter,” recalled Kavanaugh, 91, who will be selling copies of “Mermaid’s Winter” this Saturday, June 15 at the Branford Festival in front of P.S. Fine Stationers on Main Street.

“It gnawed at me,” said the East Haven native, of the little boy’s question. Soon she found herself at her Brockett’s Point Road kitchen table with a blank pad of paper and a ballpoint pen. Each morning she worked at it.

After several months, the long-time volunteer for St. Mary’s Ladies Guild and the Canoe Brook Senior Center had her answer for the young student—and a sequel. As in “Mermaid Tears,” Monica Loomis enhanced the story with her whimsical, vibrantly colored, and breathtakingly detailed illustrations. New Haven graphic designed Virginia Blaisdell assisted with typefaces and an expert layout.

“It’s just a wonderful book, as good as, if not better, than the original, and we’re very pleased to be carrying it,” said P.S. Fine Stationers’ Sal Esposito.

“Ever since Mermaid Tears came out, people have been asking about a sequel,” Kavanaugh said. “It was that little boy who sparked my imagination. And it’s thrilling.”

“Mermaid’s Winter” is available at P.S. Fine Stationers, 1028 Main St. in Branford. Look for Madelyn Kavanaugh in front of P.S. Fine Stationers on Saturday, June 15 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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