My life has been filled with really important experiences over these past weeks.

So much happening in such a brief period doesn’t give a person much time to look at the rest of the world. How easy it is to create a world in which you inhabit the center.

While I have been busy moving and downsizing and reminiscing about all that has already passed me by, others have been equally busy dealing with their own life issues.

But, you see, in spite of that, in spite of how much there is to take care of on a daily basis, people still find time to do good and meaningful things in the course of a day.

In my case, it has been a revelatory experience to have had such overwhelming support from people who are both friend and stranger to me. People who were willing to perhaps, step out of character for a moment, to walk up to a stranger and say a few kind words of encouragement. Such a departure from so much of what you read about and hear about on a daily basis, relative to the loss of kindness and humanity in today’s world.

I can give testimony to the fact that kindness abounds and people can still care about another person’s travails.

My two sons, Matt and Frank, are also really good examples of how much a family can do to support one of their own. My decision to move and the subsequent commitment that it demanded of me, was something that I made without any plan to engage my sons in the actual process. Yes, I did ask them to spend some time going through the house in order to find peace with the loss of the only home they had known as members of our family. I was so pleased with the sensitive way in which they managed to go through the entire history of our family room by room.

What I didn’t plan on, and what I hadn’t even thought to ask them to do was participate in the actual moving process. Yes, I did much of the packing and sorting, but in the end, during the last few days of getting everything ready for the sale and the walk through and the move, they both appeared.

I was flanked by two pillars of strength and personal support when I needed it the most. Both of them stressing with me through the last two days before the final walk through and then two more after the move.

The last night in our house, after cleaning everything to perfection, we sat on the floor and sipped a glass of some old port that I had set aside, and we talked of old, happy times with all of us together as a family.

It was only as the actual move was underway that I began to really understand what they had figured out on their own... it would have been nearly impossible for me to do it alone.

And so we labored together; we stressed over the number of boxes that needed to be uncrated, they figured out how to mount the new TV on the wall, and we all managed to not eat for a period of 12 hours.

It was then that I came to realize how blessed and fortunate I am to have sons such as these two. They made me feel as though I was an important person at a time when my own personal self-assessment was not actually hitting very high scores. How we manage to get through difficult times seems to me to be the real challenge of life, and in my case, I got the gold ring.

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