To the Editor:

Race is divisive in this country, and you’re probably tired of hearing it on the news. Guess what — black people are also tired of being murdered by police every day.

I’m not surprised by your deafening silence, but shying away from the issue doesn’t make it go away — it makes you complicit. The shoreline is sheltered by white privilege. Events that affect so many marginalized individuals outside of our communities aren’t understood fully here. However, it’s imperative that you try to understand, that you speak up and educate yourselves on being anti-racist. White people are the only ones with enough power to make effective change, because of historic white supremacist institutions that remain steadfastly in place.

It is a moral obligation for us all to actively work towards making a better country for everyone. I encourage you to start by reading some anti-racist books. Have those conversations on race with your family. Be uncomfortable. Call out racism when you see it. Learn to be an ally. Above all, listen and learn from your mistakes.

Just because your personal experiences with the police have been great, or this issue doesn’t affect you personally, doesn’t mean other experiences are invalid. Your privilege blinds you to reality, and if you choose to be silent in the face of oppression you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Claire Chang


Connecticut Media Group