To the Editor:

Thank you for the fascinating and detailed letter by Dave Holman (May 29). I will agree on one point: America must indeed begin to manufacture again — affordable items that we use every day — because China can be an unreliable, unregulated, irresponsible, and uninspected source of goods which may be inexpensive, but can be substandard, imperfect, unreliable — and may be contaminated with any number of harmful substances.

China openly disregards environmentally-sound practices, exploits its workers, and would have covered up COVID if it could have — the same way the Soviet Union would have concealed Chernobyl if Norway had not detected intense radiation emanating from that area.

However, Mr. Holman’s repeated use of the word “radical” (five times in the concluding 300 words of his diatribe) is patently inaccurate. Apparently, he is too young to remember what a true radical was — Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Ruben, to name just two.

Nathan M. Wise

Old Saybrook

Connecticut Media Group