Thank you for helping “Warm the Children” for the 22nd year. The Rotary club of Madison, The Rotary Club of Guilford and the ShoreLine Times would like to thank all the donors who donated to the Warm the Children campaign 2018. We continue to thrive because you care!

Some 129 children living in Madison and Guilford have received new winter clothing from the generosity of readers, businesses and civic groups. A total of $14,207.79 was received in donations for this holiday season’s Warm the Children campaign.

Every year I get notes from donors thanking us for continuing this program. One I received this year is as follows. “One cold winter long ago, when my husband was about 8 years old, he had no mittens nor gloves to keep his hands warm. He prayed daily for God to send him a pair, but his prayers were not answered. I don’t want another child’s prayers to go unanswered.” I had to sit back and digest that note. It really touched my heart. How sad to think a child had to go without mittens to keep his hands warm. With Warm the Children program in Madison and Guilford; that will never happen again.

In the 22 years since the program began in Madison and Guilford, over $391,207 has been donated to the program and every penny was spent on the children living in Madison and Guilford. There are no administrative costs.

We would also like to thank the many volunteer shoppers for giving their time to accompany the 66 families through their shopping experience.

ACT ll Thrift Shop

Corey SeaQuest

Hartford Union Of The Kings Daughters & Sons

Robert Friend

John & Patricia Donahue

The Zaccagrino Family

Fillmore & Joan McPherson

Ann Fink

Linda & Robert Guzzio

John & Pam Hayden

Gloria Bradley

Susan & Peter Clark

Lucinda Embersits

Temple Beth Tikvah

John Smolley

Gordon & Marjorie Cohen

Mike & Diane Vanacore

Althea & Alex Higgins

Ruth DeSarbo in memory of Joe DeSarbo

Lutheran Women’s Guild

Patricia Murray

David & Betty Lou Morawski

Charles & Roxann Lehberger

Bob and Chris Suzio

George and Margaret Doolittle

David and Katherine Newton

Susan Drake

Marie and Ken Marland

Elias and Elizabeth Stamatellos

M. Osterman

David and Sylvia Loomis

Bruce and Renee McIntyre in honor of Ruth DeSarbo

Mahlon and Mary Jean Hale

Brenda and Martin Lewis

Karin Peterson

Pauline Murphy

Michael and Erika Reen

Susan and Joseph Occhiogrosso

Marilyn Noyes

Pauline Wallace

Jim and Carolyn Martinelli

“The Scrooges”

Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale

Tom Ruberti Sr. Madison Chrysler Inc.

Joseph and Jeann Terrazzano

Mary Varga and Thomas Benincas

Bob and Suzanne Risley

John Ford and Teresa Phelan

Majorie Clark

Timothy White - Peter White Plumbing, LLC.

Susan Glantz

and seven donors who wished to remain anonymous.

Linda and Dwight Jerolman

Stephanie Walker

Denise Manzione

Mary Wallace

Pauline Roth

Maureen Combs

Judith Secki

Linda Nickerson

Wendy H. Furniss and granddaughters

Amy Schiess

Carlyne Leete

Rich and Yvette Howard

Joe and Cindy Goldberg

Priscilla Sperry

John and Peggy Elefteriades

Joan Devaney

Joseph Kaufman

Roy and Gail Smith

Sharon Noble Eaton

John R. Eismeier

Jay Messore

Tanya and Bob Bovee

Robert and Jerri Guadagno

Donald Warren

August and Mildred Iacobelis

Gale Creighton

Doris Fonicello

Susan and George Morriss

Carl and Linda Balestracci

Susan Palmer

Robin Campot

Robert and Karen Bonitz

Karen Steiner in honor of my husband Rollin Steiner

The AIDA Kittredge Circle of King’s Daughters

Michele and Tom Tyler

Betty Christensen

Alex Parkinson

Karen and Terry Bergantino

Terry Lee Perschel

Theresa and John Braccio

Diana and Michael Draper

Carmen and Nancy DeFilippo

Ann Street and Ted Zuse

Veronica Soell

George and Anne Aghajanian

Howard W. Rogers, M.D.

Chris and Anne Duhaime

Daphne Rich

Mary Ann Pillartz

Maureen O’Connor

Susan Baserga

William and Kate Lee

Elizabeth Pasleka

Watson and Elizabeth Lowery

Vaughn and Judy Knowles

Edward Stanley and Elizabeth Kozarec

Eleanor Frohlich

Phyllis Gilbert

Sandy and Dick Whelan

Henry and Louise Grave

Laura Maldoon

and 12 donors who wished to remain anonymous.

Anne Mikus, East Haven

Richard and Carla Guidone, North Haven

Rocco and Maria Ciravolo

Katherine and Benjamin Marinucci

Susan and Michael Donoghue

Irving and Carol Hoadley

Natalie DeLeuchtenberg

Carol Newton in honor of The Diamond’s

Dianne Perron

Thank You everyone for making another successful year in keeping the children warm. Submitted by Ruth DeSarbo, chairman of Warm the Children program for 22 Years. Rotary Club of Madison.

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