Reporter’s notebook: Jab number 1 — no biggie

Freelnce reporter Sally Bahner gets her first shot of the Moderna vaccine at Guilford’s CVS on Monday.

After trolling the various websites once I became eligible, I finally got the COVID-19 vaccine, the Moderna flavor at CVS.

My husband, who got his first one about three weeks ago and will get his second this week, and I took turns checking online at various hours of the day and night. I sure wasn’t going to travel to one of the mass clinics in Stamford, or West Hartford or Uncasville.

Having reported on vaccine availability for the ShoreLine Times, I figured it would happen sooner or later. I work at home and my forays to the outside world are such that my car is on it second tank of gas since last March; a dead battery greeted me when I went to leave for a dentist’s appointment last week.

Finally, on Saturday morning, it was he who struck gold, bellowing upstairs, “Sally! CVS has appointments on Monday!” He succeeded in disrupting morning snuggles with my cat, Sofiya. He was all excited.

Me, not so much. First, I hate being yelled at in the morning. Second, I hate needles. But I hate the idea of getting COVID more.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I showed up at CVS in Guilford for my 1:15 appointment, but the process was painless, literally and figuratively. I was able to check in immediately, just verifying my name and birthday; I received a card with info about the vaccine, current date, and date for dose number 2.

Only a couple of people were ahead of me; a few more were in the post-vaccine waiting area.

I was led to a very small vaccine cubby with two seats and two attendants. My card was checked, temperature taken, and jabbed. That was it. I barely felt the jab. I was directed to the waiting area to see if I would pass out, throw up, or grow a third eye, while “Mary” pitched everything CVS to her captive audience. I read my Kindle and offered lunch recommendations to two people from Old Saybrook.

I left after about 15 minutes. I can’t say that I felt any different, but I did take some comfort that I was taking a step that would lead up to eventually discarding those darn masks!

One piece of advice… Keep checking the websites and be patient, especially if you don’t want to travel. I checked CVS’s site after I got home and all locations were fully booked.

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