What should I consider besides location, location, location?

What are you looking for when searching for your next home? Many buyers come with a list of must haves and a wish list; others come focused on location and size.

Over the years, some clients have brought interesting search criteria to the process and it’s always interesting to see what concerns clients have and if these concerns are helpful to keep in mind for other buyers.

A few clients wanted no noise. They wanted their new home to be free from highway noise and from road noise. These are buyers who want a peaceful setting in a town, rather than a city.

On the flip side, other clients have sought the opposite and have asked that their home search only include houses that are in a city, preferably convenient to all city amenities and none of that “Green Acres” peace and quiet. The noise factor became even more intense when train noise was introduced.

One client considered train noise to be acceptable within the realm of a peaceful setting, since the train runs infrequently. Another client would have preferred to be much closer to Interstate 95, as long as the train could not be heard. Longtime residents of Madison believe that if you can’t hear the train, Interstate 95 or the fire whistle, you live too far north.

One of my favorite clients was very specific with a request to find a house in a neighborhood with convenient access to Interstate 95. One had a long highway commute and wanted to get off the thruway and know they’d be home in a few minutes. Turns out we found them the perfect house so that when they are exiting Interstate 95, they shift from work mode to family mode.

Recently, I thought I’d found the perfect home for clients within walking distance to the beach, town and train. They loved the photos and location and we were excited for the showing. When we pulled onto the street, I heard them gasp because the neighboring house was advertising “eggs for sale” and their child had a fear of chickens. Suffice it to say, our hope for the perfect home went up in smoke and we left the street in a “fowl” mood.

When you begin your home search, keep in mind that there’s more to consider than the number of bedrooms, square footage, house design and location. Sounds and smells are often important factors that aren’t on the list, but should be.

Betsy Anderson,

William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty, cell: 203-641-3233 office: 203-645-6700, Banderson@wpsir.com

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